Someone touched my heart…


I saw someone smile today. A slow, shy smile. One of those that come from  the heart. It touched me deeply, don’t ask me why, but for a moment I got very emotional. I realized that in that smile lies the beauty of life. Everything else becomes so overrated in comparison to a true smile, because what is there in life that’s above joy? True joy. The kind of joy that comes from love. It’s like everything else becomes irrelevant, because life is no longer about the latest this or that, the salary, or what have you. It’s about creating joy in the world for oneself and others. That’s it. It’s really that simple. Yet we have created a world that has so little to do with that and so much to do with everything else.

I also found a quote in Brida which I think is so profound, so spot on and so very simple. It’s a quote to ponder, yet the truth of it echoes everywhere in life. Sometimes we just forget to listen. “We are all sailors on an unknown sea; may He make us brave enough to accept this mystery.” A child sees everything as a mystery. As grown-ups we think we have failed if we haven’t figured it all out, yet kids are the ones playing.


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