Bend it like Beckham…


You know sometimes you just have to. Or at least I need to. Bend it like Beckham that is. Bend my mind like Beckham bends a ball. I need to stretch it. It’s ever so easy to be a bit stiff. I realized this today as I was talking to various strangers. Normally I just see them as strangers, you know. Today I decided to look upon them and imagine they were people I know and love. I have to say I felt entirely different. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt as if my heart opened up. I was a lot more sympathetic towards them. I started looking for the light in them, rather than fearing the darkness. All in all, I think I was a better person, or well: my approach to other people was a lot better.

What you think really affects what you do. Check in on your thoughts ever so often. Give them a little yoga session. Ask yourself how you could position yourself differently to get the maximum benefit from your position? Do the doggie in style?…


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