Thank you…

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder. You see, us humans sometimes forget the most basic stuff. I think we got gene manipulated or something. Potentially it’s the government that’s run by aliens since 1984 that’s caused it. Or maybe it is in the general maze of confusion created by the ideas of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Lao Tzu, sprinkled by a bit of Kabbalah and numerology that we got lost. With the approach of 2012 it could also be hard to think straight. It might be because the planets weren’t aligned properly when there was a full moon five hundred years ago. It could also be that you can’t focus properly as the streets are filled with billboards saying things like “Meet Professor Moody. He’s easy.” and “Sex In The City.” It’s kind of hard to think straight under such circumstances. Sometimes it’s even more crazy sh*t that makes you confused. Like a broken heart.

So anyway, whilst the dietist are debating carbs versus protein, straight people are trying to figure out whether gay people have the right to get married or not (it seems the direct line to God isn’t working properly, or at least the church is having severe technical issues) and some priests are preaching that Obama is the devil and McCain is a saint (and Palin is getting the news wrong and answering to the imaginary question of why she thinks Obama is God and McCain is the devil), whilst they are throwing stones at each other in some far away country because there can’t be two Gods and someone stole a plot of land 2000 years ago, it’s easy to forget the small stuff. Like the fact that you are gorgeous and your smile brighten the night sky just as much as that of stars. That you brighten both day and night for so many people. So I just wanted to remind you of that. You rock the world. Thank you.


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