Pearls of wisdom…

(I didn’t manage to get sex in the headline, I do apologize.) A gorgeous friend of mine said this on Facebook: Being happy doesn’t mean things have to be perfect. It means looking beyond the imperfections and accepting with grace and humour the things you cannot change, a little like an oyster weaving a pearl over the irritant of a grain of sand. – ML (FYI reading FB updates is much more useful than the local news…ahem.)

Have fun with your life peeps…turn the lemons into lime. Smile…laugh. Even when things go tits up. Even when you fall on your ass in public…even when you lose your last dime on a bad investment. Have fun with it, because life isn’t about just creating the most “successful” life. It’s about teaching your kids to dance…dance with every tune, every note that’s playing…even the discordant ones. Do things to be happy. Learn to deal with whatever comes your way, but smile…do smile. Do take the piss out of yourself. Do know you are glorious.

Be your own best friend. Have fun. Enjoy you. Enjoy those around you. And dance, dance like everyone’s watching with a big grin on their face, enjoying your every move.



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