The song of my heart…

Writing Tools

Write...even if it doesn't make sense...explore...feel...

I wish I had an idea of what to write… That’s a good start, isn’t it? Or not. Right. Sometimes though we just have to accept where we are at and smile at it. Accept it in our heart and go with it, rather than against it. It’s OK. Even if it’s not, it is. It’s OK because you surrender to the moment. Not giving up, just surrendering. Learning. Embracing what’s there, so that you can use it to your advantage. Cursing what isn’t or whatever, won’t help. Just surrender and turn it into something amazing. You can’t create things out of living in something which isn’t real. By giving into the moment you are tapping into all the resources, all the learnings and all the things that are available to you right then and there. Acceptance is the first part of change.

It got written, even though I did not know what to write. I surrendered and in that lay my inspiration. Now I just have to do it with so many other things also. Explore. Feel. Speak the truth. Good night and good luck…


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