One damn sexy jig-saw puzzle…

The thing with life is that it’s both the instruction manual and the actual thing itself….it’s like a living puzzle…you are figuring out where the pieces fit as you go along. When you have a few pieces everything is a bit dazed and confused, then you get this one piece and it connects all the others in that part of the puzzle together and it makes perfect sense. It’s the same when you get to know new people; at first you only have a few bits and pieces of information and on their own they don’t say much about the person, but then you get that one more piece and it all comes together – you finally understand what all the rest of the pieces meant. They were small signs, small directions.

The problem with this is that you don’t necessarily figure something out straight away. We don’t know someone until we know them. They don’t know you until they know you. And sometimes we get the pieces of the puzzle all mixed up and don’t understand how to connect them correctly. I have had people putting two and two together about me and make it add up to five as they have not had the glue, or missing piece to stick it all together. Instead they have added their own ingredient and come up with a cake, good or bad, that doesn’t necessarily resemble who I am. You see what you wanna see (or what you fear to see). Even the most skilled people at understanding how others think don’t necessarily put themselves in their shoes and feel how their thoughts make them feel. It’s easy to condemn or praise a person whose life we have not led.

I cannot help but think that life is also like a video game – on each level you have all these obstacles to overcome until you are upgraded to the next. Sometimes I’m wondering if someone is looking at me when something lands on my plate going “Wonder how she will handle THIS ONE???!!!???”

Everywhere in life we have created the same systems – levels. There’s economy, business and first class. There’s Tescos, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose (or TJ’s and Whole Foods). And then, of course, there is your own back garden…fresh veg hallelujah!!!

We even talk about “being on the same level” as someone. And it truly feels like it’s like that – some people we understand, we feel tuned into them, others we know work differently. It’s almost like the planet is one, but on it there are different paths, different levels.

I don’t know what any of this means…I’m just thinking out loud…sometimes that helps :0) And hey, whilst there are some things you don’t get, or are working towards understanding, do make the most out of the small stuff. Might as well eat a raw cake and sip a glass of wine whilst contemplating how to become a millionaire…

Even the small stuff in life…can be truly…extraordinary…



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2 responses to “One damn sexy jig-saw puzzle…

  1. atroll

    Dizzy, you’re so metaphysical. I came over here looking for a Playmate of the Month jigsaw puzzle where I could move the pieces around and get a mildly erotic picture. Instead, it’s a lesson on how to live. Of course, in the puzzle of life, it helps to move the pieces around too. 🙂


  2. LOL!! Well sir, this what you find on here…playboy is a different website 😛


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