Good morning…

Dawn has arrived and a dusty peach is painting the horizon…mingled with tones of gray, pink, blue and purple. The birds have started to chirp away and the mountains look all misty and magical in the morning fog. It’s my favorite time of day and as I awoke at 4am I couldn’t help but stay awake to experience the beginning of a new day. It’s something magical and wonderous to have a new day opening up in front of you. A chance to live…to taste, feel and create. To see the wonders of this world. To paint your life in broad strokes of color. To breathe. To feel your body…to laugh. Life is right here. Right here.

Watching dawn…



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2 responses to “Good morning…

  1. Daniel

    just read this: how is it that we are awake at the same time, putting words to our thoughts on a Wednesday morning together? I think this odd m’lady…


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