An old boyfriend in my closet…

I just remembered something…for a blonde that’s extraordinary, right?! Well, what I remembered was that I once wrote to Izzie Darling (fab blogger!!!) that I was going to tell a story about a candle, but then I never did tell the story about the candle. So hey…here we go.

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle ho...



I once walked into a shop in Long Beach and as any sane person would do I started sniffing the candles…because you know, they hopefully provide surprisingly nice scent. As I was sniffing along I suddenly came across a candle that smelled like…well, note this one down ladies…an old boyfriend. I can’t really explain it better than that. It smelled like a man. A man you once liked. Not a certain man…just like a man. Old boyfriend. The smell, for some non-understandable reason (men don’t make sense), was very…addictive. I wanted that candle. Badly.

So, a tad sheepishly, hoping no one could read my thoughts I took the candle to the cashier to pay. The cashier smiled, sniffed the candle and laughed. “You know, doesn’t this smell like an old boyfriend or something?” The other cashier agreed. I lost my ability to speak properly. I vaguely smiled and croaked “Really?!!” I mean you can’t possibly confess to something like that AND be the one buying the candle.

So now, clearly, as always, my confession stays safe and well hidden on the world wide web…fab place to keep secrets, don’t you think???…

(…ahh, I knew you want the brand name…it’s Archipelago Botanicals, and Côtes Du Rhône is the enchanting scent…)


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