A little smile…

"Sharing smile!"

When you meet someone with a smile...chances are they'll smile back... 🙂

Sometimes I just wanna lie down on my pillow and fall asleep with a smile. Like tonight. It reminds me of childhood summers. You know, when you went to bed tired after having played all day in the sunshine, yet excited for the morning to come, so you could do it all over again. Although today was more serious play – I was blogging, cleaning the house, working with a coaching client and then looking after guests that are staying the night – it was still play. The sun was shining and I was enjoying myself. Tomorrow it starts all over again. With a smile.

I think it’s the smile that makes all the difference. The intent to enjoy oneself. The view that life, after all, is a game we are playing. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win, but so long as we have shelter, food and love, we are alright. A dash of sunshine is rather nice too. Whatever happens we can afford to smile….and maybe have a little nap in the sun…



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