Dedication, motivation and all that…

Oftentimes in life when we want something we feel real good if we go after it with all our might. Like we are doing the right thing if we put every ounce of our being into figuring it out. We have been taught that if we fight we win. I want to disagree a tad. I believe that you have to put your mind, heart and spirit into it 100%. This is essential for anything you wish to succeed in. The difference lies in not getting blinded by your passion, your goal, what have you.

Many people give up their health to get successful in business, or their business to be successful in love, or whatever it is they think they need to sacrifice. How many people do not stay up late, eat crappy take-aways, miss time with friends and skip exercise and meditation, just so as to work more? I know I used to feel bad as soon as I wasn’t working. If you do that though you allow a part of you to suffer. A part that would otherwise have fueled the rest. I believe our full potential lie in achieving not just one part of our life, but every part.

So many times I have gotten too eager about something and rather than doing something else before making a business decision, or sleeping before replying to an email, or simply re-reading an agreement before agreeing, I have closed the deal then and there. Somewhere I have known it wasn’t right and I would see things clearer if I allowed perspective (meditating, going for a walk, sleeping on it, exercising, taking a break, having a proper meal…), but I was just so into it, so full speed, that I allowed myself to make mistakes. Either the hunger, the want, my excitement, or the idea that if I didn’t “pour my all” into it, got in the way.

When we let our force lose, rather than use it, it often has a mind of its own. Your force is at its best when you learn to play with it to your advantage. You often gain focus by stepping back to gain perspective and by fueling your mind, body and spirit to make it clear. …and as always…pouring love into the cocktail…



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