the winds of skagit.

I’m so tired I’m seeing rainbows. It’s St Patrick’s Day, so I should be seeing green, but I think I prefer multi-color. Three dimensional. Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, sensations… I like that. Makes life pretty interesting. Indulgence. I like that word. Sip your wine. Taste the flavor. Feel the wind in your hair, dancing along like it was a symphony of Mozart playing. Teasing. Pulling. Making you laugh as it tickles you. The sound of your laughter echoing in the night. Beautiful, like bells chiming. The sound of joy, of pleasure. The smell of flowers in full bloom. La France. Always. As soon as my mind wanders, that’s where it ends up. In some garden in France. Cicadas playing. Stars shining bright. I believe I may have been enchanted from an early age.

Let your senses lose people and play…play with your senses, indulge in life…


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