Skype sex…

Someone suggested I’d blog about Skype sex and to quote said person: I aim to please and shoot to thrill…so I am now blogging about Skype sex. “Hello darling, would you like a blow job?” “Yes please honey, let me just get the vacuum cleaner out…” I’m sorry. It was the first thing that came to mind… I really have no opinion about Skype sex, but I’m sure, as most sex, it can be rather marvelous.

Skype sex reminds me of many things in life…how we only get a glimpse of something at first…how it’s only a tiny bit of the whole, so to speak (as I imagine Skype sex wouldn’t quite be as good as real sex…like, just one piece of the pie, what not the whole…)…kinda like peeking at something through a keyhole, rather than entering the room (I’m not meaning this as a metaphor…I mean it was a metaphor…but not that kind of metaphor….I just realized the other metaphor half-way through…ahem…)

It’s like when you first meet a guy, or gal…they are not yet quite real…they are part real, part imagination. You know that first glimpse, when you turn your head to have another? For example people with messy hair á la Pattison catch my eye…yes, pathetic, I know…but his hair is just….ding-dong I fell on the floor as I got caught up in my heels whilst looking at you wonderful… …where was I? And that’s it. Where were you? What were you thinking? It was just a glimpse…but you got all caught up in that tousled hair and that smile…and that smell…and those muscles… *sigh*

At other times we throw a glimpse at someone, and another, and another…and we take it really slow….reeeaaallllyyyy slow….not because we are trying to hold our horses, but because we are scared of what it would mean to open the gates. To really let someone inside.

And this doesn’t go just for people – we fall in love with ventures, with a house, with a city…at a glimpse…or we slowly, slowly, move in that direction, frightened what it would mean to truly let go. To set our desires free and dance with the wind. To follow our passion one hundred percent. To open our heart and listen to our soul. To truly live, not in the shadow of life, but in the sunshine. Giving it our all, every moment, of every day. To dance.

Laugh…set your laughter free…let it create a symphony on its own and dance to rejoice in the music. Don’t run: dance. If you cannot dance it’s because you have forgotten how to relax and follow the tune, not because you cannot dance. We can all dance to the music of our heart.

I stole this photo from BBC…but I believe love ‘n’ laughter should be free for all…

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