Swimming with sharks…

We all set out on this journey called life and throughout it we get learnings, epiphanies, lessons… When we first move to a town we are happy to find our first “fav place” to chill at. In my case, I’m right now sitting at my fav café in LA. I love it. It’s also one of the first places I found here. And I was stoked to find it. Then I found one bar…then another…one food shop…then another… I keep finding places I love. I mean we all know I love this town anyway, but every step where I get a glimpse of something new to enjoy makes me happy. Maybe after three or so months of living here, LA started feeling a bit more like a place I know. After almost two years here, one looks back thinking I didn’t know that much after all.

When we first jump into the ocean and learn how to swim, we feel great just being able to…swim. We may not be quite ready to swim with the sharks though… That doesn’t diminish our progress. It doesn’t mean that we are not “good enough” because there are people who already know how to swim with sharks.

In life we all start out in different places and end up in different places. Life is a journey, not a destination. There are those that spend every step of the way learning, enjoying and celebrating their progress. There are others who don’t enjoy anything, because they always want to be a bit better, a bit further along, a bit closer to a bigger shark than the last…

We all get further along the path if we choose; we get to swim with bigger and bigger sharks along the way, but do enjoy the one you have next to you at the moment. Treasure your steps – you never know how many you will get. And above and beyond everything else: love. Love what you do, the people you do it with and your own sweet self. This is life’s true indulgence.

Remember to love…play with love…love with play…playfully loving!!!


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