Thank you :)

Would just like to take a quick moment to everyone who has liked my posts, sent me messages, thank you notes and comments in the last year for Confessions Of A Dizzy Blonde. You’ve made me smile sooo much and to hear that my writing makes a difference…made all the difference to the last twelve months of my life!!!! xxx

You’re beautiful…yeah, I know, it’s a bit blunt…but you are…really, truly beautiful. Thank you…sooo much!!!!



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2 responses to “Thank you :)

  1. Dave F. Ryan

    Any gems of words that touch the mere male collection of People with a magic that brings about a responce to make you smile, is really an achievment that should have the originator of those words place in the Hall Of Woman’s Highest Achievments and proudly displayed for all to see You Maria as I have said before, are one of the very special spirts on this world having a human experience and to change the way the male population view their reason for sharing life on this world with women


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