The dizzy blonde manifesto…

To find faith during your hours of despair. To see the light when darkness enters. To believe in kindness when you encounter hatred. To find peace when a storm is raging. To see what you have instead of what you lack. To feel love when your heart is breaking. To stand up for what you are when someone tries to put you down. To know why there is laughter when you are crying. To avoid cursing when someone acts badly and instead pray for goodness for all. To let go of what annoys you and embrace what you believe in. To question even the obvious. To know that if someone treats you badly, you should go for better. To believe in health when you feel sickness. To always remember, whether good, or bad, there is always a tomorrow. To know that if your gain require a loss of integrity, it is a loss too. To see the colors others splash onto your canvas, yet choosing to add your own; the ones you truly desire.  To see steps in advance, yet be present in the moment, knowing all your blessings.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller


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