Who am I…

A painter doesn’t become a painter because s/he paints one painting. A painter becomes a painter because s/he paints, or thinks in terms of painitng every day of his/her life. I’m a filmmaker because I think of life as stories and see photo angles every day of my life. I’m an entrepreneur because I think about business every day of my life. Even when I don’t work on my business, I think about it. I look for inspiration and tricks everywhere. My brain and heart never sleep. And I do act upon my thoughts. If not, I’d merely be a thinker.

We don’t make a choice once. We make it day in and day out every single day of our lives. We don’t have an epiphany once and that’s it. We have an epiphany that we then have to incorporate into our lives, every single day…or the epiphany was just a passing thought.

You are what you think about everyday. What you act upon every day. What you choose every day.

A painter in Stockholm…


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