Hot, hot, indulgent chocolate…

Here’s a treat for you….it will keep you warm in winter, rejuvenate you in summer and always add a bit of spice to your lover’s life… aphrodisiac as it is…

You take a tablespoon or two of cocoa and put it in your favorite cup. Sprinkle some cardamom, chili, or cinnamon on it to add spice. Then you add honey (or maple) and one teaspoon of hot water to turn it into a thick, smooth paste, that’s very, very sweet. Heat up your favorite milk (almond milk + organic soy creamer works a charm, or TJ’s THICK almond milk…it gotta be creamy). When it reaches a temperature you like, pour it into the cup, stir et voilà – your favorite cup of hot chocolate ready to go…it’s what I’m drinking right now; divinity in a cup!

N.B. In summer you can add ice and blend it, or serve it “iced.” You can also topple it of with a bit of whip. Indulge ladies and gentlemen!


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