Life…death and other things…

There are some questions most of us seem to ask ourselves, life and others. To me the main ones seem to be: what is life, what is death, why do we experience suffering, why are we here, what is my purpose, what is love? I mean it’s all rather fascinating. Why did I from an early age love the arts? Why do I feel a need to perform and create? Why am I drawn to certain people, not others? Does circumstance exist? How did the Universe come to be?

I love to ask questions and I ponder a lot. Today I came across an article about Stephen Hawkins debating that life after death is unlikely, then I came across Ian Stevenson, who has studied around 2500 or more kids who claim they know of a previous life and found some extraordinary stories. Amongst other things about 40% of them have birthmarks or physical differences that mark events from previous lives.

So today I have been thinking about past lives, as I am moving into the future…really it’s an interesting ride life, whatever it may be…life that is…


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