A diamond…

A round brilliant cut diamond set in a ring

If someone gave you the grade A+ without you lifting a finger, you wouldn’t feel like you got something special, would you? As are As, because they are harder to get than Ds, Cs and Bs. That’s what makes them special – that and the fact that shows your skill and makes it easier for you to progress from there.

It’s easy to show someone a product and say it’s a great product. What you get for the product though is determined by how people value it. A diamond is worth a lot of money. A piece of glass isn’t. Yet, most people couldn’t tell the difference when they see a necklace. The difference is that diamonds are harder to find, it takes a lot of effort to get hold of a diamond. So people value it higher.

It’s crazy sometimes, but if people think something is difficult, they value it higher. It’s a good point to take into consideration in business…and sometimes, just sometimes, you have to show people who you are a diamond and require something extra to get hold of…


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