You are a (fill in gap)…

The Heart

Life is a miracle, but there is no guarantee you'll see it unless you open your eyes...

I have a few questions for your heart. They are questions I ask my heart on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m happy with the answers I get, sometimes not. It’s so simple. Yet, I have to ask myself these questions over and over and over again to remember it all. Sooo…can you answer the following questions completely honestly? Using your heart to answer?

Do you treat yourself with the same patience you have when you teach a toddler how to walk?

Do you treat yourself with the same respect you have for your greatest hero?

Do you treat your body like you would a prize-winning athlete’s?

Do you give yourself the same unconditional love you would a puppy, or a baby?

Do you allow your imagination to run as free as that of a child’s at least once a week? Allow yourself to listen to your heart and where it wants to go?

Do you sit in silence so you can hear your own thoughts and feel your own feelings ever so often?

Do you compliment yourself and your loved ones as much as you would compliment your idols?

Do you spoil yourself and your dear ones as much as you would the perfect lover?

What do you think you need to do to feel great right now?

Do you know how rich you are without owning a dime?

Is it your fears or your heart ruling you now?

What would it be like to do what you would love to do without fear? We may imagine every single scenario going in ten different ways, but what if you imagined only the best of all ways for a while? What would it be like then? What would it feel like? What would it make you feel like?

If you only had a year to live, what would you do right now? What phone calls would you make? What things would you create? What places would you visit?

Do you really live to the full?

If you saw yourself as the most beautiful, magnificent creature on the planet, how would you feel and therefore act right now?

You are a glittering, glimmering, wonderful treasure with a huge heart. So is every amazing person by your side. Remember to polish that treasure; make it shine. Adore it. Treat it with kindness. Show its wonders to the world and help others glitter and glimmer like you do.

…and in plain English: You are a fucking miracle!!!



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2 responses to “You are a (fill in gap)…

  1. Maria – this is amazing … you are a mind reader. I loved the questions and you have given me much to think on, as usual. 🙂 iz


  2. Thanks Iz 🙂 I really needed to think these through as well…in fact I woke up, wrote the blog and then fell asleep cuddled up in bed contemplating the questions…and woke up half an hour later much mroe energized 🙂 Quite amazing what it is like when you change your perspective, huh??!! So daft how one sees oneself and the world sometimes!!! Thankfully, one can magically shift it…by thinking differently 🙂 Opening a new window…


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