A little song from my heart…

Two candles in love. The flame is inverted hea...

When one flame meets another flame...they will connect...

There’s no sexy headline guys, it’s just straight from my heart today…: You have to let it go. Everything. If it is yours it will always be there for you, if it is not, it is time to go in search for what is truly yours. I’m talking about your career, your loved ones, your possessions…there is nothing you can own, but if it belongs to you, it will be there for you, or come back to you forever, even if it sometimes needs to part.

Of course we want to keep what we love close at heart, whether that be a business, or a person, but if we love it, it’s always in our heart and if it is what we are destined to do, it will happen, or the person we care for will stay close by.

As soon as we get caught up in outcomes we suffer. We have to work towards achieving things, but we must let them go at the same time. Happiness is not the outcome, but the moment. This is where you live, right now. And that grabbing onto mentality is not the same as the go getter mentality. The go getter knows they’ll get something, one way or another. The holder onto wants one thing and only one thing and has tremendous fear of not getting it/losing it.

If there is love in your heart you will find love. If there is success in your heart you will find success. If there is peace in your heart you will find peace. The trick is to stay with the feeling, not the outcome.

When I love I know it will all be OK. When I just love. When I start wanting this person or that person it goes tits up. I can love this or that person, that’s fine, but when I want to possess them…I suffer. Love is free. You just love. Lovers will be drawn to each other, like plus attracts minus. And so will everything else that belongs, connects, resonate…after all you want things that are in harmony with you, not the discordant stuff. Believe that whatever is within will be without.

Life is filled with struggles, obstacles…juicy little problems that tickle our curiosity and grow our strength…they will always be there. You can’t give up because of struggles, but go with the flow though – set the compass in your heart and follow it. Don’t hold onto a thing; hold onto your own heart and know that whatever resonates will get along with you when it meets you – whether that be an idea, a person, a job…

Live, love, let go…fly…soar…


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