Thou shalt not sin…only make love…

Miss Texas Polestar Championship sin at all, right?!!

As we were driving to Vegas yesterday we passed signs with the ten commandments – one sign for each commandment, finishing off with a sign for a church. I thought this quite funny as, after all, it was en route to sin city. What is a sin though, really? I would say it’s being nasty to yourself, or other people. It’s quite hard not to actually. “I’m an idiot, the neighbor is crazy, I really don’t like that person, etc…” Have you ever tried a month without putting anyone down? Have you ever tried a month only saying good things about your life in general? About what is to come and what was? About your body? About yourself?

Maybe we should all try a month of saintliness? And hey, lovemaking gotta be the highest praise you can ever give someone…maybe we should practice that too?….


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