Being a frightened little bunny and a brave bear…

In Sweden there is a cartoon about the world strongest bear, Bamse, and one of his friends is Lille Skutt (Little Jump), who is a rabbit. Often shaking with fear as he is a frightened little bunny, he always does what he knows he must, even if it scares him. This  makes him very brave, because he conquers his own fears. To others what he does may not seem brave, but because he is so scared of it, it is very brave.

To others our fears often seem irrational, because we all come from different backgrounds – some people are brought up walking on tight ropes, whereas others are taught that high heights are really dangerous. To the tight rope walker who knows that the security net will catch them if they fall, the fear of heights seem irrational. The person scared of heights, yet forced to walk a tight-rope won’t think of security nets, their mind will just simply have such a strong association between heights and fear that no matter what they won’t really grasp that they are safe.

Sometimes we just have to realize that our fear of relationships, work tasks, places, people…what have you, are simply negative associations which have nothing to do with reality and truly, if we can just see it, there is a safety net!

I guess we all just have to allow ourself to be frightened bunnies at times, it’s OK…we are still brave bears if we conquer…

Lille Skutt and his loved one…


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