Romantic ramblings about life…or just a rosy smile…

I believe it’s rose season – happy little dots of color are to be found everywhere…and I am to be found sniffing them… I have been caught once or twice by wondering eyes as I stick my head (or nose, if the whole head doesn’t fit) in a flower, but hell, it’s only summer once a year and if we only live once…I am on a mission to make the most out of it. Bloody blooming marvelous!

Being back in London I have spent a few hours wandering the streets with a smile on my face, even on the tube you may have caught me smiling, looking at the variety of people in amazement (I try not to do it on the tube though, as I’m scared of being arrested for suspicious behavior). I also look at doors painted in gay colors, surrounded by blooming flowers and sometimes catch a glimpse of a cute little cat perched on the doorstep and…I smile. I imagine that the house belongs to a happy family that live a romanticized life a la Enid Blyton, or a bunch of flatmates that are living the bohemian dream, or just simply living life the awesome way!

I remember a few years back, walking the streets of Knightsbridge at night. I used to live in that neck of the woods and I have a certain love of that area with its old fashioned red brick houses and alleyways. This particular night I saw one window through which light was streaming out. It was that yellowish sort of light that doesn’t intrude on the darkness, but rather brightens the night with just the right amount of light. It looked cozy and welcoming. Letting my mind wander I imagined that inside someone was reading bed time stories to their children. I don’t know why, but till this day this memory stays with me. I guess because it was always my dream to have that romanticized family of my own when I grew up.

I’m probably one of the craziest romantics you’ll ever come across (but I’ve got a twisted idea about Prince Charming – I think he should be a Jester instead…don’t ask me why, but the beloved Jester is in every story I write) and apart from my love of technology, I have an insane desire to have everything organic, handmade (I’m sure you could make wooden MacBooks???) and…imaginative…I often think life is like a movie, so it’s up to you to create it – why not live in a castle? Why not create a fairytale garden? Or a playground for your kids? Or travel the world on a dime? Simply: why not strive to create your kind of utopia? Hell knows too few of us are trying. How many people really take care of this planet? Strive to make it more functionable, safe, beautiful and playful? Really…who dares to play? Who pours love into their everyday surroundings? Who puts plants on their balcony for the enjoyment of everyone who walk past? Who wears a tie and is very serious about impressing people and who sits back with a smile? We all go to visit Venice, but who, these days, build cities like that? Who is having some imaginative fun when they go about things? And who smiles at their fellow neighbors in the tube? At the shop keeper? And…hold your breaths Londoners….at the busdriver? (I know, s/he will speed up just before every stop and hit the breaks with full power, but maybe if we smile more they’ll driver better???)

I’ve never been a realist….so now I’m gonna be unrealistic and wish that everyone else turn into soppy romantics too…romantics that smile at everyone for a day…just imagine: a sunny London!!!!

London roses in full bloom…


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