Baby, I want to make love, won’t you please, please say yes???

There are people who when offered a diamond stop to ponder. The diamond may be the most beautiful thing they’ve ever come across, yet when it is offered they consider the weight on their hands if they are to carry it. What will happen if they misplace it, or someone steals it? How will it feel when people look at their diamond – will they be jealous, or happy about it? How much time is required to polish the diamond to keep it sparkling? Are they really ready for having a diamond?

No matter how grand an offer it will always come with responsibility. No matter how great a joy it will come with some effort. It is your choice to step up and embrace the challenge, or not. It is your choice to climb the mountain, or live by the hillside. And when you say yes to someone’s offer to take you to the top of the mountain, or give you a diamond, you will have to do what is required, or you will cause harm to yourself and those around you.

There is a time for everything, but the only way for that time to come is for you to get ready. For you to practice living in accordance with your heart, so that you learn to trust yourself. To learn that you will do what you want, not what some fucked up childhood taught you to do. To learn that rather than sitting on your ass, you’ll give of yourself, live on purpose, and reap the fruits of that labor. To learn, or rather make a decision that you are worthy of a diamond, or in fact: diamonds. Because there are so many different kind of diamonds on offer constantly in this life – all you have to do is say yes and live up to that yes.

Life is short. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly ~ Paulo Coelho Go on then, say yes…

Don’t extinguish the fire before you reach the flame…

(The headline is not me wanting to make love to everyone, believe me if I want someone, they will know. No, it’s a variation of a theme of a theater game where you sit in a circle on the floor and one person is in the middle, trying to get people to smile by going over to them and saying: “Baby I love you, won’t you please, please smile?” And the chosen person has to, without smiling, say: “Baby, I love you too, but I just can’t smile.” And if that person smiles, they end up going around the circle trying to make people smile. This article though is more about improv – whatever someone says, you go along with. It’s the only way to move the plot forward. In life, I suggest you only go along with the diamonds.)

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