Naked underneath the mistletoe…

Do you know anyone you’d like to see naked under the mistletoe? I could think of a few…

So it’s officially mistletoe season – mulled wine, chestnuts, hot chocolate spiced with chili (and cardamom), ice skating, candy canes, candle light, gingerbread cookies, brie and cranberry sauce sandwiches, cuddling in the couch with a nice movie, jumping (I wrote humping) through heaps of leaves, making gifts for loved ones, lights glittering in the night…it’s beautiful, magical, so inspiring and fucking cold.

I liked winter in LA. It was interrupted by bikini weather ever so often, it never got too cold or dark, but the fog and the falling leaves were beautiful. Winter in London means a freezing cold Victorian mansion, fifteen layers of clothes, making me look like a bubble with head and feet sticking out, dark mornings and itchy skin. I had to go to the GP and ask why I’ve got itchy skin and she told me what I already suspected: I’m allergic to winter. As soon as the temperature drops, whether I’m inside in a hot room, or outside, my lips crack. Even in LA this would happen. I now discovered it’s because the humidity drops and if you have thin skin, the moisture kinda evaporates. On a nice note my skin is as soft as a baby’s, even the lips and truly glows from the five hundred and fifty body lotions I’m using. The issue? It still itches if I don’t put body lotion on it once every two hours….but at least I’m glowing, eh?!! In short, me and winter aren’t a great combo. I prefer surfing.

Today I was standing in the bus thinking about how annoying winter is. How uncomfortable I feel unless I am in a hot bikram class. Then I decided I’d had enough of myself and just simply started going through everything I love about winter and Christmas, as mentioned above. I decided I’ve had enough of negative self talk in all areas – about myself, others, the weather…whatever the fuck.

A while later I looked out the window and there was this extremely cute black boy, who was walking slowly, looked up at the bus and smiled. He was walking slowly because he couldn’t walk properly, but he was still smiling the most gorgeous smile. That’s when I decided I am blessed and my true calling in life is to live my blessings, not count my sorrows, or how much other people, things, events or what have you irritate me.

Love is the true thing that will set you free. So love as much as you can, whenever, wherever and whomever…just bask in the light of your own and others love.

Mistletoes sting, but you don’t have to touch ’em, just a lover’s lips underneath them…so let’s enchant some marvelous person and get them to pull us under a mistletoe, shall we? Then we can move on from there…

Catch me if you can, under the mistletoe…


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