You know that feeling when you sit completely alone at a beach and there is no one but the wind to hear you, no one but the skies to see you? And you can tell the wind exactly how you are feeling.

You will tell the wind how much love the boys whom you never dared looking in the eye, or whom day in and day out you tried to impress with your stilettos, your razor-sharp sense of humor, your damn cool sex appeal and your smarts, but whom you never once opened your heart to…or at least nothing but an echo of your heart to. You will give all your love, the one they never got, to the wind.

You will tell the wind exactly how much you loved that project that you never dared getting too involved with. The one you only touched with hands of perfection, too scared to let your heart lose and create what it truly wanted to create.

You will tell the wind all about your wonderful friends, whom you hardly have time to call, never mind compliment…whom you are maybe even afraid to compliment, scared to show your love too openly to, because maybe they don’t want it. So you stay just that little bit distant from them…but to the wind you can show the care. You can hug it and hold it, give it all the love you have stocked up inside. Touch it and mean it. Embrace it, as it sings its joy, its love and its sorrow to you. With the wind you can be free.

You will tell the wind all the stories you wanted to share with your loved ones, all the ones you brushed over,  didn’t share at all or shared using only perfect vocabulary and funny jokes, instead of truly embracing every word. The stories that came from your heart, but that you shared with your mind, without giving all your emotions away.

You will tell the wind about all the people you’ve been naked with, had sex with…metaphorically speaking…every hour of every day, when in fact, all you wanted to do was make love.

You will tell the wind all your secrets. One after the other they will fly out and touch the evening breeze. One after the other the stones holding your down will seize to exist. And then you will tell the wind about everything you love and share that love freely. You will give to the wind every ounce of your soul and your body. All those gifts you never dared to share, as they were the most precious to you, you will hold out in the sunlight. Your heart will stand naked in the breeze, its soft voice being the only one heard. Your heart will be heard.

To sit here writing this, completely present. To openly share of my heart. This gift is priceless. To be present isn’t just about listening to someone else, or yourself with “no mind,” it’s about removing every piece of clothing, every ounce of make-up, or attitude, every dark spot covering a secret and stand there completely naked allowing all eyes, including your own, to see all of you. It’s also the sweetest sensation ever felt as you can then live your heart. Follow her wishes instead of putting her down. Give all her love. Share all her wishes instead of making demands. Just raw and pure, put out there exactly how she feels. Share her funny sides without intending to impress with a joke. Show her fears instead of her courage. And funnily, that’s the courage.


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