A naked dance, somewhere around midnight…


I think dancing is probably the sexiest way there is to use your body. Sure sex is sexy, but sensual dancing has more sex appeal. Someone who can move their body, really move their body…

I don’t know about you, but I love to dance. I’ve taken dance classes on and off since I was fourteen and almost ended up becoming a professional dancer. I’ve done a fair amount of dancing, not enough if you ask me, but a fair amount. I’ve also had a lot of compliments for my dancing…from performances to clubbing. In other words: I love to dance and I’m not half bad at it. Yet, I made a discovery and that is that I’m not sure I’ve ever danced entirely freely and still dancing is where I usually feel the most free and alive.

There are times when I’m aware I’m self-conscious not to drag too much attention to myself, or want to impress, or want to get the moves right, or want to come up with new moves, or feel out of sync with the people around and can’t dance to save myself, etc., but that is something I’m aware of and sometimes one strategy or another does feel appropriate. There’s a reason you don’t do pirouettes down Oxford Street (you are likely to kill yourself or someone else by mistake), but when you are alone in the garden and actually try to dance freely and realize you can’t, that’s when things get awkward.

We talk a lot about what we want to do…like if I only had a week, or a month to live, I’d do x, y, z…but it’s not just about what you do. It’s how you do it. You can become a professional dancer and spend your entire career never once dancing, never once giving yourself entirely to the dance. You can marry someone without ever once giving yourself to them during sex. Never once surrendering.

Have you ever danced where you gave yourself entirely to the dance and the music? Where every other thought was completely erased? Where there was no thought, no need to think, but you just simply gave yourself to the moment, to the experience, allowing your heart to lead and explore whatever it came across? Where your body simply became a tool to express your heart and your love. Have you ever done that during sex? During a dinner? At any given time in life? I’m not sure I have. I’m not sure I’ve ever surrendered without thought, without strategy, without analysing, but I believe that’s where life would be the greatest. Love and exploration. Absolute intimacy, both with yourself, others and what you are experiencing. Magic…I think that’s what they call magic – when borders get erased and all becomes one.

On that note – let’s dance.


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