How to annoy a politician in an enlightened manner…

Have you ever wondered why most stories are about killing the enemy instead of converting the enemy? Is “killing the problem” really the best way forward at all times? Or is it just the “easy” way forward? Then again, is it easy? Or does it continue to breed hatred if you kill your enemy? Isn’t winning about creating a place where people get along and act with integrity?

I think it’s a valid point when it comes to the US elections too. How many people have you seen on your Facebook feed arguing about the different candidates? People who I would like to believe support democracy suddenly start de-friending people of the opposing party and not because they go on really crazy rants (then it’s understandable), but because they express their views. On the one hand I can understand it – Facebook is a personal space and if you believe your friends’ values oppose your own, then maybe you shouldn’t be friends. I guess that’s OK. Sort of. But what’s next? Will you stop talking to them at the store too? Will you remove your kids from the classes they’re teaching at school? Will you refuse shopping at their shops?

I understand people are angry – I get angry too. When politicians, even though they have some very valid points, also decide to blame minorities for the problems in their country, want to tear up trade agreements with other countries, building an imaginary “wall,” and rally angry men, you might have a flashback to a certain leader that set off a world war. And that’s scary. That’s scary as hell.

If you truly want to make a change though, do you act as the person/people you are opposing, or do you act differently? Is it a good idea to “ban” the opposing party from your circle of friends? Will that help them see your point of view? Will mocking them help them see your point of view? Or are you acting just as they are when it comes to certain political questions? And are you maybe making them even more steadfast in their beliefs by alienating them? Are you maybe creating the division some politicians thrive on?

On the other hand, if you try to understand them and respect them, wouldn’t that make them feel heard? Understood? And make you a better person? Wouldn’t it also give you a chance to make them see your point of view and actually have them listen to you? And wouldn’t that really annoy people seeking division? (Maybe annoying people isn’t enlightened, but hey, we all slip sometimes… Oups.)

This morning my sister greeted me with the words that I probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed. She was talking about something which sounded like “a tornado.” Only it was Trump she was talking about, not a tornado.

I disagree. Today it is a very good idea to get out of bed and start fighting for what you believe in. Today it is a very good idea to start understanding the real needs of the people around you. Today it is a very good idea to hug your neighbor and get acquainted with “neighbors” in other countries. Today it is a very good idea to create art, stories and movies that show solutions, instead of slamming people over the head. Today it is a very good idea to set up businesses and schools that open the door to possibilities. Today it is a very good idea to show respect for the voice of millions of Americans and come up with a plan for a future with less hatred and better solutions, no matter what end of the political spectrum you belong to. Segregation and division will not create solutions. Compassion and education, on the other hand, most likely will.

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2 responses to “How to annoy a politician in an enlightened manner…

  1. Thank you for a positive post in a sea of negative ones.


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