Part i – the song of adventure

The minarets call

And I’m reminded of the beauty of it all

The desire to seek enlightenment

In faraway countries, away from cement

Venturing out into what’s so different from ‘here’

Going out to find what’s out there

The magic and the mystery

The entangled history

Of various continents

Like the flavors of condiments

All unique metaphors

Of the common core

They call it wanderlust

Swept away by a gust

Of wind so filled with allure

It makes you forget what you’ll have to endure

Along the road of life

As you seek answers that are rife

With an inexplicable beauty

A beauty you will turn into your duty

To explore

Forever more

Part ii – discontent

And now it’s been banned

By a common man who’s ideas are worth a rand

Of hypocrisy

It makes me dizzy

To think of manmade borders

And all those hoarders

Of discontent

The people who never left their home

Are blaming the folks in Rome

For making poor pasta

And they never even saw a rasta

Such  shame

Stuck in an ignorant game

Soon they’ll build a wall

Who knows when it will fall?

The irony is they invaded the one place

Where they said you can’t own the Earth; it’s not your space

And robbed those people of the land they never claimed to own

What a ghastly way to have your wild oats sown

They invade everywhere

Then tell the people not to come near

They’ll send them home

To the places they bomb

African Heat 

African beats


Up my sheets

Relentless sun

Moon’s got a gun

Never safe

You feel it chafe

Like a curse

Attached to your purse

Everywhere you go

Unstable winds blow

Mandela we cry

But Mandela did die

Now we’re stuck with the man in the moon

And his gunslinger crooks – what a tune

We wish to say goodbye

To yesterday’s sad high

The sun is shining

But there we stand whining

About yesterday’s foul ghost

And we raise a toast

And another

Why bother?

To change the future

We could just apply a suture

Tik, coke and crack

You gotta give us some slack

So we have enough time to miss our chance

And blame it on your faulty dance

By Yours Truly a.k.a. Maria Montgomery 


Image Source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/507780926716211309/ 


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