Musical chairs…with a plot twist…

Have you ever played a game of musical chairs? The music stops and you have to find a chair, only there are nine chairs if you are ten, so one person will be without a chair.

My best friend and I were doing live drawing last night and you had 30 seconds to three minutes to draw whatever pose the model stroke. It was very intense. And everything you thought of was the drawing. You were super switched on.

I’m guessing for this reason the game of musical chairs popped into my mind this morning – something where you have a certain amount of time…and then change! This morning I was talking to my friend about thoughts. How you constantly need to catch them so they don’t go down the wrong path. Being someone that thinks a lot, to the point of being hyper active, and sometimes not along the right paths, I wanted to ensure that every time I went down the wrong path there was a music change, the model strikes a new pose, or, you know “plot twist.”

So this week I’m challenging myself to mentally shouting “plot twist” whenever my thoughts get dark. After all, there’s a lot of beauty in this life, so let’s enjoy it! (I would add a comment about there being sex too…but you know…maybe I’ll keep this blog clean for a day…)


Where there is black and white photography, dance and love, there is beauty!

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3 responses to “Musical chairs…with a plot twist…

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  2. Dave F Ryan

    I like that thought 🙂

    On 10/24/17, ~ ~ Confessions of a Dizzy Blonde ~ ~


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