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Dancing with the wind…

The wind was blowing and all that was unhinged broke into a wild dance; emotions not quite dealt with, lost lovers not quite forgotten, desires not quite buried and anything else a little bit loose around the edges. 

It was on nights like this you had the perfect opportunity to sit still and listen to what was rattling around in your mind, because you’d find out any unfinished business that you had. Things you maybe rather wouldn’t face, but would be better off if you did. 

Storm winds can be difficult to deal with, that’s true. It’s also true that sometimes in the most quiet of moments we hear our own thoughts. But storm winds have a way of unsettling us; of shaking up the dirt and making us look at it. All those loose ends we thought we’d tied down, but didn’t. Not really. 

Sometimes the thoughts are, truly, rather pleasant. The lover we thought we forgot, but didn’t. The dream we buried, but never let go of. They were nice things and we’re once again reminded of how much we love them. Only by seeing them we know we have to take action; fulfill our own desires. Hence, why we buried them in the first place. 

The symphony of the wind played; making leaves dance, curtains sway, doors moan and windows whistle.

To her it was a peaceful sound. It meant that change was in the air; things moved. It meant not only that people’s unfinished business, hidden beneath their own debris, moved to the forefront of their minds and gave them an opportunity to face it, but that tales from far, far away landed on her doorstep. She could smell the scent of Moroccan mint and warm cinnamon. She could sense laughter, adventure and a tinge of possibility. She could see another life. A life far, far away. 

This is another piece for my story, The Jester. You can find other snippets; some much longer and eventful than this one: https://confessionsofadizzyblonde.wordpress.com/2019/08/06/the-jester/

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