It wasn’t me, it was Shakespeare…

I was working on client copy today and in the process researching Shakespearean quotes. I love Shakespeare. I know, I know, not everyone does because he’s hard to understand…but once you do understand…the guy was deep, funny as fuck and smart as hell. Unfortunately, not all his characters act particularly logically (hello, my name is Viola, I was washed up on the shore after a shipwreck where my twin brother supposedly died…let’s go dress up as a boy and live with the Count…uhm, er…sure…), but his prose is simply stunning.

Anyway, the guy cracked sex jokes long before this blog. In fact, one day I’ll rewrite one of his plays into modern English and prove it. Prove my humor isn’t all that bad, after all. Shakespeare started it all…

So, today I found this quote: To thine own self be true.

Are we? Are we true to who we truly are? Are we acting in accordance with our hearts and souls?

Do yourself a favor, take five minutes to feel in. To meditate, or simply breathe, while thinking about who you truly are. Deep inside.

Are you acting as that person? If not, how could you act differently? Be true to yourself. Because the greatest crimes we commit are usually not those toward others, but toward ourselves. Simply by not acting in accordance with who we truly are and, therefore, not achieving what we’d truly love.

Are the choices you’re making on a day-to-day basis adding up to the life you want to live? Are the bigger choices you’ve made in the past true to who you are today? Or do you need to revisit them?

Change is scary. But it’s even scarier looking at your own life, and feeling as if it isn’t your life at all. As if you’re a stranger in your own life.

Yes, change is scary. But it can also the most exciting thing ever if it’s a change for the better.

To thine own self be true.

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