About Me

A friend of mine once described me by saying “One minute she’s like the Dalai Lama, the next a dizzy blonde” and hence the name of this blog…

I’m definitively blonde, blue-eyed and Swedish, but I left my home for the world and trained as an actor and director at ASAD in London and as a producer at UCLA. I also did various life coaching courses that gave me diplomas saying I can transform people’s lives. In other words: I was trained to help you fix your life using a sufficient amount of drama to turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster with a guaranteed happy ending and a franchise opportunity. Along the road I also managed to live in six different countries and have every imaginable job under the sun, including working as a PA to the CEO of an equity company and as a sales manager for the UK’s largest online art gallery, specializing in selling Damien Hirst’s incredible dots.

When I got tired of selling dots I decided to do what I love and become a freelance writer and social media manager and move to Cape Town to work with charity. As it turned out I ended up working for a creche for underprivileged children, Little Angels, and in addition to being the storytelling teacher I turned into board member and helped launch the youth project. I was recently elected into the board of another charity for women in Hout Bay, aiming to reclaim the streets of Hangberg, Hout Bay and Imizamu Yethu. I’m also in the investment phase with a start-up company, a social enterprise in the love and dating sector, that will hopefully see its launch in California and Cape Town this year – we just funded the seed phase. It’s exhausting, thrilling and a lot of hard happy work.

The work with Little Angels brought me six gorgeous kids I got to mentor and help out in any way I can, especially a pair of eight year old twins.

I tend to spend my time between Cape Town and Los Angeles, with a few days in London and Malmo ever so often, so if in town and in dire need to talk to me  you can Tweet me (you can even tweet me from the other side of the world…). I’m always happy to hear from like-minded people, or talk about writing and film projects.

This blog is my journey through life where I share lessons learnt, disasters suffered and victories celebrated. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I try to make up for it with sexy headlines and laughter, as I prefer rom coms to disaster movies. Besides, we all fuck up, but if we have enough love in our heart and strength in our spirit we tend to fuck it right – also referred to as make up sex.

I set up Confessions after suffering a cancer scare some years ago, when I  decided it was time to step up and share my life with the world. I thought if I can be honest with my life, maybe it will lend others the courage/acceptance to be OK with theirs. Even when it’s not picture perfect. Life’s a journey – we might as well laugh as much as we can and love even more whilst on it.


Yours truly, Dizzy Blonde. Photo by Alisa Schultz. 

7 responses to “About Me

  1. This blog is great! Keep it going! 🙂


  2. Mr. Perfect

    Love hippies, and love this blog…


  3. En accord avec mon Totem Loup, si vous le souhaitiez, la bienvenue vous êtes dans ma vitrine Non Conforme …!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. authordavidhall

    Loved the background. Great piccie too!


  5. Mats

    Jag älskar din blogg.

    Jag älskar att glömma den, och en sen kväll komma ihåg den och läsa ikapp.

    Du är bra!


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