This blog is my naked journeys through life. I keep it naked because I believe if I’m being honest about my life and my learnings I give others the courage to do the same and by doing so come to terms with who they are.

I actually got inspired to do something like this after reading Teri Hatcher’s Burnt Toast, but given Teri was famous and could write a self-help autobiography and sell hundreds of thousands of copies, because, well, she’s Teri Hatcher, I couldn’t afford the same luxury. So I started a blog, which is, in short, a self-help autobiography. I potentially added a bit more sex and humour than Teri, because, well…I’m blonde so my life is a walking comedy thanks to my own blondeness. And given I think too much as is, I figured that I needed something to keep the fire going, keep the audience entertained and hopefully attract readers by pure old-fashioned marketing skills (sex sells).

I don’t believe in mis-using sex – I believe in sex in the Sex And the City sort of way – talk about it, laugh about and enjoy it.

In general I believe people and life should be honoured a lot more than they are. Call me a witch, but I believe in celebrating people and the seasons, living in harmony with mother nature and with your own heart. I have been known to cook up herbal potions and lotions, but that’s for medicinal purposes, not because I believe four clovers are a sign of luck. I believe you create your own luck. More than anything I believe in following your heart and leading with love. People often believe themselves to be seeking money, when truly what they are seeking is love in every area of their life – from their home, to their work and their social life.

I simply believe life can be an amazing treasure, if you treat it as such – if you look after yourself, those around you and take the time to make sure every area of your life is a representation of your heart. Your home really should be your castle and your work part of your life’s purpose. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems along the way. We all face them – or crash full force right into them, being left dazed and confused and cracked into pieces. Sometimes, it takes a while to put the pieces back together again. We are all ashamed of things we have done, wish we had more courage in some areas, pray we will have enough patience in others and scream for mercy when we fall in love with someone who seems like heaven on Earth and make us feel like jello come alive.

We are all on an adventure, an adventure called life. This is my take on it.

I live in Cape Town. I have a company in London. I’m a writer and an author. And I make those little things called movies, because they move me. They make me feel like I’ve come alive. I also do charity work in a township and raise kids from there. I’m usually single, but sometimes I’m not. I have flaws. And I have beauty beating within me. I’m human. And, again, this blog is my take on the human experience. But it’s only a small part of who I am. I only crack half as many sex jokes in real life. This is just the Bridget Jones version.

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