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Broken souls and dreamers…

Dream All Day

Oftentimes it is those with the most darkness inside that are searching for the light. Those that feel pain that are searching for beauty. Those that feel emptiness that are searching for fulfillment. And if they want it bad enough and they work hard enough oftentimes they also get it.

It is sad sometimes when you meet “broken souls” that have created some of the most amazing things – the biggest corporations, the most wonderful art, the largest non-profits – yet their spirit is still deprived… They keep creating, because on the inside they still feel a lack, a need. You would think that along the way they would have found inner fulfillment, but it’s not always the case, because the beauty they sought was on the outside. The outside has managed, in some cases, to heal the worst part of their wound, but they are still confused, wondering why money didn’t stop them from feeling poor, or beauty didn’t hide all the ugliness of the world that they had seen.

Sometimes those that have the most fulfillment within don’t always search for change, for improvement, for revolutions…because they simply don’t feel a need. They are already OK. When they do search to change things for the sake of others though, they create amazing things.

Wherever we are at on our path to outer and inner fulfilment it’s important to remember why you do the things you do – find inner peace so you aren’t hunting empty dreams that will still leave your inner in turmoil and find your purpose, what really turns you on and propels your forward. Without it you won’t find a will to create; nothing will have meaning. That’s why lost soul’s sometimes create the most beauty – they have a purpose, a will to change, or to heal what’s broken. It’s just nicer to be healed and work for joy. It’s nicer to earn money when you already have food on the table, even though having no food on the table will probably make you work harder unless you have a really good purpose. And a good purpose is a blissful thing – it makes you feel like you are living the dream no matter where in the journey you are at… As Helen Keller said: Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

Fight for your dreams already living the dream…


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I said hello, you fool, I love you…come on and join the joyride…

Yeah, I’m quoting Roxette. It’s alright. I have an excuse: I’m Swedish. When walking around town the other day my best friend looked at me and did a little jump: “I love you,” she said and laughed. I told her I loved her too. It’s emotional discomfort month and I had forgotten to tell her I loved her thus far that day. She has taken such a joy in this habit she now reminds me if I forget to say it.

People change with love. Their features soften. Their smiles shine brighter. Their hearts grow warmer. They look cozy, comfortable and inviting.

A Thing About You

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When you see beauty…..a smile, a look, a touch of that thing……….when you see something you love, do you share that? Do you tell the person what beauty you just caught a glimpse of? Do you invite them to open the door to their inner gorgeousness just a tad more? Do you open that door yourself? Do you allow yourself to feel happy about who you are? Do you invite others to see the beauty that is you?

I don’t know darlings, but this emotional discomfort month is changing my life…and that of those around me. I feel…I feel more alive. More on fire. More like a light rather than a shadow. More intense. More awake. More pulsating and warm. More free. I’m not just sharing my opinions, I’m sharing my emotions, my love and my heartfelt desires with the world. The jail I always felt captured me is now crumbling to dust. I am free.

By complimenting someone you are setting them free from their worst demons: their own disbelief in themselves. Their own negative thoughts are being conquered. They think you are their mirror. If you display joy, they will believe they are joy. If you display love, they will believe they are love. If you smile, they will think they are the reason for your smile.

Maybe your love alone will not transform the entire world…yet it will because everything you touch, that is capable of feeling your touch, will turn to gold. And that gold in turn will turn other things into gold. Your warmth will spread. Your light will brighten the night sky and you will be surrounded by your own light.

And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while…’cuz you are amazing just the way you are…

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