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Beautiful you…

I love flowers

Dare to stick your neck out...into the flower field...

Knock, knock, who’s in there? Will you come out? Will you show me the beautiful you? Will you share your love and laughter with the world today? Hiding in the shadows doesn’t bring much light to your eyes. Walking in the sunshine makes your skin sparkle and your eyes twinkle with delight.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a master at hiding. Since age nine, or so, I remember walking in roundabout ways to avoid people I thought would rather not see me. I remember locking myself into my room to avoid my step family. I remember looking down when a cute guy passed my path in fear of rejection. I remember feeling like a burden; an unwanted piece of something, that was better off hiding so as not to disturb others.

To this day I sometimes still retract; hide in a corner. Frightened that my company is unwanted; a burden on someone else. I don’t dare to open up and show the beauty that is me. I don’t dare to give.

If you aren’t sharing the light that is truly you. If you aren’t showing off your talents, your smile, your gorgeous, gorgeous laughter, you are doing the world, not to mention yourself, a disfavor.

The world is not here to judge you – the world is here to love you.  The world is not here to put you down – the world is here to enjoy you. The world is not here to punch you in the face – the world is here to fall in love with you. You see though, the tricky thing is for the world to enjoy you, they have to see you. For the world to receive your gifts, you have to give them. For the world to laugh at your jokes, you have to tell them. For the world to hear your stories, you have to share them. For the world to fall in love with you, you have to fall in love with the world.

And if you want for someone else to open, you have to love them open. Like a flower opens to the sun, humans open to love. That doesn’t mean there can’t be boundaries and discipline and telling someone right from wrong, that too is love, but without love all is empty. Without love we all close up. And so, you also have to love yourself open, so that you can see the beautiful you. So that the world gets a chance to enjoy you and you get a chance to enjoy the world.


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I fucked up…so screw me, or what???…

Lotta vs ice-cream

Lick that ice cream in style, eh?!!

I’m sorry to tell you, but you have fucked up. Srsly. You have. I’m certain of it. ‘Cuz I don’t know anyone who hasn’t. Branson almost ended up in jail…and Virgin is the most trusted brand in the UK today. Why? I think because he accepted that what he did was wrong, put it behind him and cracked on. It’s the people who keep blaming themselves for yesterday that get stuck. Or the ones that try to justify their failure. Sure, figure out WHY it happened. Don’t do it again. But don’t stand there telling me it was OK to do it. It wasn’t. It’s OK that you did it though. It’s OK. Take the blame. Leave it in the past. And go onto never doing it again. Don’t hold onto it and punish yourself every time you think about it. Don Miguel Ruiz says that humans have a weird idea of punishment – we don’t just punish ourselves once, we do it every time we think about something we didn’t enjoy. The experience itself wasn’t enough, we constantly revisit it in our minds and hearts. That my dears, is no goody goody. I for one am thankful Branson got his act together and his ass out of jail and went onto creating my favorite airline.

Forget about the time you dived into the ocean to impress a six pack and landed on your ass screaming in pain…no it wasn’t because of a banana peel under your foot…get a lesson in how to do it right and get on with it (make sure the instructor is good looking – after all he will be looking at your ass from several different angles as you practice). Learn it. Get good at it. Or drop the idea of diving and simply trot along the beach walk looking fab licking…an ice cream. Move forward in style. Kick some ass peeps. Let’s rock February together!!!!! :0)

Can’t get enough of this song!!!!!!! So true…


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The song of my heart…

Writing Tools

Write...even if it doesn't make sense...explore...feel...

I wish I had an idea of what to write… That’s a good start, isn’t it? Or not. Right. Sometimes though we just have to accept where we are at and smile at it. Accept it in our heart and go with it, rather than against it. It’s OK. Even if it’s not, it is. It’s OK because you surrender to the moment. Not giving up, just surrendering. Learning. Embracing what’s there, so that you can use it to your advantage. Cursing what isn’t or whatever, won’t help. Just surrender and turn it into something amazing. You can’t create things out of living in something which isn’t real. By giving into the moment you are tapping into all the resources, all the learnings and all the things that are available to you right then and there. Acceptance is the first part of change.

It got written, even though I did not know what to write. I surrendered and in that lay my inspiration. Now I just have to do it with so many other things also. Explore. Feel. Speak the truth. Good night and good luck…

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Someone touched my heart…


I saw someone smile today. A slow, shy smile. One of those that come from  the heart. It touched me deeply, don’t ask me why, but for a moment I got very emotional. I realized that in that smile lies the beauty of life. Everything else becomes so overrated in comparison to a true smile, because what is there in life that’s above joy? True joy. The kind of joy that comes from love. It’s like everything else becomes irrelevant, because life is no longer about the latest this or that, the salary, or what have you. It’s about creating joy in the world for oneself and others. That’s it. It’s really that simple. Yet we have created a world that has so little to do with that and so much to do with everything else.

I also found a quote in Brida which I think is so profound, so spot on and so very simple. It’s a quote to ponder, yet the truth of it echoes everywhere in life. Sometimes we just forget to listen. “We are all sailors on an unknown sea; may He make us brave enough to accept this mystery.” A child sees everything as a mystery. As grown-ups we think we have failed if we haven’t figured it all out, yet kids are the ones playing.

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A smile…a glimpse…a heartbeat…

I’m trying to find the words…you know how sometimes something hits you full on? Like all the nerves in your body reacts to it? It is something that resonates to your entire being…or maybe you just seek out the things within it that do. “It’s like a fuse burning towards dynamite…” – Steinbeck

Sometimes I forget who I am. Or I forget what makes me me. Or maybe it’s just that I forget to live out the important sides of me. The things that move me, turn me on fire, make me dance with the wind and run wild in the sunlight. The things that put a big grin on my face…

When one gets busy it’s easy to not take that time to do what you love the most. To put a lid on your spirit. Yet, what makes us come alive is our spirit playing…even if we are doing the dishes, to allow ourselves to be who we are. To think of the things we love, to create a path for ourselves, even when our hands are doing something else…and allow our hands to play instead of punish the task at hand. To have a plan though…or always carry your passion with you and make time for it. Time to evolve it. Time to grow it. Time to make it happen. Don’t plan your life around what you can’t do. Plan your life around what you can do.

Love your life. Create a life you love. Live your passion. So if only for a moment a day. And when you encounter the things that turn you on….that make you into a fuse burning towards dynamite…then stop, listen and take action. Make your life into a dream.

Life is like a dream and you, my dear, is a dreamer.

This is my favorite photo of all time that I took in Paris a few years back. Paris, if you haven’t guessed it is part of my passion for life…


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A bloody, I mean…blooming pink elephant on Sunset Blvd…

Pink Elephant??

Pink, pink, pink...

So you walk down the street and you see this pink elephant and exclaim: “OMG, it’s a pink elephant!! How bizarre…and wonderfully weird!! Gotta check this one out!” Then you proceed, curiously, to examine the pink elephant. Is it friendly? Could you approach it? Pet it? Is there any way of making it stay calm in the middle of the traffic chaos? Can you help feed it? Does it need to be taken back to nature? You really feel for this gorgeous creature that’s walking down Sunset Boulevard…you feel for it as you know what it’s like being lost. You have something in common with the pink elephant…

You could also say “WTF, a pink bloody elephant in the middle of Sunset Boulevard? Hello, I need to get to work! Can someone call the idiot producer that somehow got an elephant and painted it pink for some silly movie? Even better call the f***ing police and arrest both the elephant and the damn producer!” You don’t really see the elephant. You only see the issues it’s creating for you.

I haven’t met any pink elephants lately (but we do have a very curious goat in our back yard). I have, however, met a bunch of people that act like everyone is a pink elephant.

You have a choice really. You can explore people – seek them out, get to the depth of their being and know that there is depth to their being. You can find the common denominators that make you tick, you can embrace them for the good qualities they have and raise them to an even higher level by believing they have the power to accomplish even more.


You can degrade people. You can look for the things that won’t click between you. You can search for flaws in them to feel better than them. You can see why they are trouble, instead of how they can solve their trouble.

There’s a clear difference between people who seek to explore others and know what each and every person is capable of deep within and those that see people as tools for their own life and judge them thereafter. I think most of us are a combination of these people. Of course you will always check a person out – find out how they are currently operating. And sometimes, no matter how capable we all are deep within, we can’t entertain certain people in our life. I would like to see people as I would a gorgeous pink elephant though. I would like to feel for them. I would like to always keep in mind the strength that lie within them.

In a very similar way I’d like to view myself as a gorgeous pink elephant. Maybe with flowers painted on top. Flower power baby, share the loooooove….


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One nagging fantasy…

We all have fantasies right? Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you didn’t fantasize about that…..uh…..that new house you want. Or wearing that………..dress. Fantasies can be quite good – make us imagine things so we can act on them so as to achieve them. They allow us to pack a bag because we imagine what we will need to use during our trip. (That’s clearly why I didn’t bring an umbrella to San Fransisco…….I imagine I can buy one here…). You can also imagine the sum total of what you like and avoid people and things that don’t match up (instead of getting emotionally attached to douchebags because they are so charming…ahem..). What’s more, you can imagine where you want to go and if you see the road you are on isn’t taking you there, you can change paths. You can even imagine whom you want to be. The reality you create in your mind is the reality you will act from. If you believe you are unafraid of heights you will be happy to climb mountains. If you believe you are scared of heights, you will be unhappy climbing mountains. Maybe it’s subconscious, but it’s actually a choice. It’s not a defined reality. Pretty, cool, eh??!!!

Always remember whom you want to be and act from that place, instead of pondering on whom you’ve sometimes been and how much you dislike it. Move towards what you like instead of away from what you don’t like. So simple. Yet, we are so friggin brainwashed into thinking we are our pasts. Because of what we did then it makes us xyz. Because of what people told us we were, or how they reacted to us, it makes us abc. It makes us no one. The past is merely a fantasy in our minds.

I keep saying this, I keep forgetting it. I guess I need post-it notes all around the house saying: I am the now. I am whom I choose to be. I am the most comfortable corner within my soul. I am friggin marvelous!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone – giggle at almost anything, tickle someone, watch the sunset, or the cloud formations, eat something you love, dive into endless possibilities and above all play with life, laugh out loud and love endlessly.


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