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I fucked up…so screw me, or what???…

Lotta vs ice-cream

Lick that ice cream in style, eh?!!

I’m sorry to tell you, but you have fucked up. Srsly. You have. I’m certain of it. ‘Cuz I don’t know anyone who hasn’t. Branson almost ended up in jail…and Virgin is the most trusted brand in the UK today. Why? I think because he accepted that what he did was wrong, put it behind him and cracked on. It’s the people who keep blaming themselves for yesterday that get stuck. Or the ones that try to justify their failure. Sure, figure out WHY it happened. Don’t do it again. But don’t stand there telling me it was OK to do it. It wasn’t. It’s OK that you did it though. It’s OK. Take the blame. Leave it in the past. And go onto never doing it again. Don’t hold onto it and punish yourself every time you think about it. Don Miguel Ruiz says that humans have a weird idea of punishment – we don’t just punish ourselves once, we do it every time we think about something we didn’t enjoy. The experience itself wasn’t enough, we constantly revisit it in our minds and hearts. That my dears, is no goody goody. I for one am thankful Branson got his act together and his ass out of jail and went onto creating my favorite airline.

Forget about the time you dived into the ocean to impress a six pack and landed on your ass screaming in pain…no it wasn’t because of a banana peel under your foot…get a lesson in how to do it right and get on with it (make sure the instructor is good looking – after all he will be looking at your ass from several different angles as you practice). Learn it. Get good at it. Or drop the idea of diving and simply trot along the beach walk looking fab licking…an ice cream. Move forward in style. Kick some ass peeps. Let’s rock February together!!!!! :0)

Can’t get enough of this song!!!!!!! So true…



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If you think you are a failure, you gotta see this!!!…(and if you haven’t ever failed, you’re a loser!!!!!)

This perfect booty of mine and I have traveled the world together extensively for the past twenty and some years and let me tell you – my booty has had more than one beating (metaphorically speaking, of course, I was always a saint..). Life tends to sometimes….smack your booty. If you’ve ever tried snowboarding I’m sure you know what I mean – it hurts to land on your ass on the icy patches. It doesn’t normally REALLY hurt that much though…just if you expect to look good in front of your friends and the hot dude next to you. Then your ego will hurt. Badly. If you don’t care about how good you are on the other hand – you practice and learn, but you are there to have fun – then falling on your ass is funny. You feel like a three year old kid again tumbling over in the snow. Doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your best, doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard, the difference is you are enjoying yourself. You have a goal and you care to reach it – the better you get at snowboarding the cooler mountains you can go down, but you can have fun wherever you’re at. You gotta live every moment to the full.

At other times…whether you like it or not, it does really hurt falling on your ass because it wasn’t just going down a mountain with a snowboard that you screwed up – you fucked up something you cared a lot more about. It’s natural though – look at a kid that’s learning to walk. Life is nothing more or less; you have to learn before you can do something. Some people are lucky enough to have been taught their lessons by others, but most of us are enrolled in the school of hard knocks. As they say: the only way to learn is to fall on your ass six times and get up seven, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it feels great when you hit all your old bruises the 6th time you fall, even if you are a much wiser and happier person than when you fell the first time, the pain is still the same. Also, it’s fucking hard for your ego to confess to still haven’t fully learnt your lesson, at the same time as you are thankful for having been given a missing piece of the puzzle, so if it isn’t yet the last one (but hallelujah if it is!).

I guess part of growing up is learning to be proud of yourself even when you lose your face. That some people’s opinions don’t matter. Even if you fuck up for real, do something nasty, just face up to it, apologize and move on. And by the end of the day, if you can have fun whilst you are learning, you are further along than 95% of the population. I’m sure that the most treasured moments of your life weren’t when you got an A in something, but rather when you laughed till you cried…whether that was ‘cuz you fell on your ass or had it smacked…ahem…

Find their wonderful videos here: http://failblog.org



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