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Brave heart…

this is my heart

It’s easy to be wise – it’s harder to convince your emotions just how wise you are. It takes years of practice not to run with every ridiculous impulse you have and yet years to learn to run with the true impulses, those that come from your spirit, your heart. It take year of practice to learn to listen to your thoughts; to really hear what’s going on within and be able to disregard the thoughts that count not and listen to the ones that do. To make a decision to act from the place you truly want to act from, rather than acting from a place of fear, of over the top excitement, of disappointment, or grief. It takes pratice to be true to you.

It takes bravery to follow your passions – to dare to lose that which you desire the most. To dare to give up what you do not desire at all and some things you really like, so as to reach what you truly love. We can’t have it all, but we can have this moment. It is within it we need to live and choose, choose every step of our journey now. It is in the now we practice to be whom we must to reach to where we want and at the same time be here, be now. Live. Breathe. Fully explore our hearts. Listen. Feel. Really be present to who we are; what we need. Fully enjoy the miracle of life in all its pain and pleasure.

And may I ask you this: if you had no fear, what would you do now? If you relaxed and instead of trying to do something, just did it, how would life feel? If you followed your heart, where would you end up? Those are the questions I ask myself and patiently await an answer…



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Beautiful you…

I love flowers

Dare to stick your neck out...into the flower field...

Knock, knock, who’s in there? Will you come out? Will you show me the beautiful you? Will you share your love and laughter with the world today? Hiding in the shadows doesn’t bring much light to your eyes. Walking in the sunshine makes your skin sparkle and your eyes twinkle with delight.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a master at hiding. Since age nine, or so, I remember walking in roundabout ways to avoid people I thought would rather not see me. I remember locking myself into my room to avoid my step family. I remember looking down when a cute guy passed my path in fear of rejection. I remember feeling like a burden; an unwanted piece of something, that was better off hiding so as not to disturb others.

To this day I sometimes still retract; hide in a corner. Frightened that my company is unwanted; a burden on someone else. I don’t dare to open up and show the beauty that is me. I don’t dare to give.

If you aren’t sharing the light that is truly you. If you aren’t showing off your talents, your smile, your gorgeous, gorgeous laughter, you are doing the world, not to mention yourself, a disfavor.

The world is not here to judge you – the world is here to love you.  The world is not here to put you down – the world is here to enjoy you. The world is not here to punch you in the face – the world is here to fall in love with you. You see though, the tricky thing is for the world to enjoy you, they have to see you. For the world to receive your gifts, you have to give them. For the world to laugh at your jokes, you have to tell them. For the world to hear your stories, you have to share them. For the world to fall in love with you, you have to fall in love with the world.

And if you want for someone else to open, you have to love them open. Like a flower opens to the sun, humans open to love. That doesn’t mean there can’t be boundaries and discipline and telling someone right from wrong, that too is love, but without love all is empty. Without love we all close up. And so, you also have to love yourself open, so that you can see the beautiful you. So that the world gets a chance to enjoy you and you get a chance to enjoy the world.

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Who am I…

A painter doesn’t become a painter because s/he paints one painting. A painter becomes a painter because s/he paints, or thinks in terms of painitng every day of his/her life. I’m a filmmaker because I think of life as stories and see photo angles every day of my life. I’m an entrepreneur because I think about business every day of my life. Even when I don’t work on my business, I think about it. I look for inspiration and tricks everywhere. My brain and heart never sleep. And I do act upon my thoughts. If not, I’d merely be a thinker.

We don’t make a choice once. We make it day in and day out every single day of our lives. We don’t have an epiphany once and that’s it. We have an epiphany that we then have to incorporate into our lives, every single day…or the epiphany was just a passing thought.

You are what you think about everyday. What you act upon every day. What you choose every day.

A painter in Stockholm…

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Dizzy, dizzy…

...Saudades do Mar...

Sometimes I wish I’d understand some things better than I do. I wish I could travel through time and space to get a grasp of something…just something to tell me what decision to make, or why it is the way it is…but when I look there’s nothing. There is my heart telling me one thing and my mind telling me another. There is a longing which I know will go unfulfilled. At least for now. And I feel like I’m breaking my own heart either way. Maybe that’s to show that there’s a third route to follow. In the end, of course the heart will win. At least I hope… I pray.

That’s it for now peeps… some days you just have to accept the confusion. Let it flow. Chilly dilly. Just chill.

Dizzy, dizzy…

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Bend it like Beckham…


You know sometimes you just have to. Or at least I need to. Bend it like Beckham that is. Bend my mind like Beckham bends a ball. I need to stretch it. It’s ever so easy to be a bit stiff. I realized this today as I was talking to various strangers. Normally I just see them as strangers, you know. Today I decided to look upon them and imagine they were people I know and love. I have to say I felt entirely different. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt as if my heart opened up. I was a lot more sympathetic towards them. I started looking for the light in them, rather than fearing the darkness. All in all, I think I was a better person, or well: my approach to other people was a lot better.

What you think really affects what you do. Check in on your thoughts ever so often. Give them a little yoga session. Ask yourself how you could position yourself differently to get the maximum benefit from your position? Do the doggie in style?…

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Someone touched my heart…


I saw someone smile today. A slow, shy smile. One of those that come from  the heart. It touched me deeply, don’t ask me why, but for a moment I got very emotional. I realized that in that smile lies the beauty of life. Everything else becomes so overrated in comparison to a true smile, because what is there in life that’s above joy? True joy. The kind of joy that comes from love. It’s like everything else becomes irrelevant, because life is no longer about the latest this or that, the salary, or what have you. It’s about creating joy in the world for oneself and others. That’s it. It’s really that simple. Yet we have created a world that has so little to do with that and so much to do with everything else.

I also found a quote in Brida which I think is so profound, so spot on and so very simple. It’s a quote to ponder, yet the truth of it echoes everywhere in life. Sometimes we just forget to listen. “We are all sailors on an unknown sea; may He make us brave enough to accept this mystery.” A child sees everything as a mystery. As grown-ups we think we have failed if we haven’t figured it all out, yet kids are the ones playing.

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This is an occasion for genuinely tiny knickers…

Bridget said that, Bridget Jones. I didn’t just say it too… So, anyway, it’s time for tiny knickers (that translates to panties if you are American). Or maybe it’s time for huge knickers, or no knickers at all. Whatever you most frequently wear, it’s time for a change. If you are a man I recommend staying off the knickers entirely. Reinvent the boxer shorts instead, or, preferably, don’t wear any at all. I’m digressing.

So, my point is (because there always is a point, the question is how many sexy references I manage to squeeze in before making it) that it’s time to change knickers. That is to say: if you are always doing one thing, try something new. I challenge you, to in every area of your life that is NOT working out for you and even some that are, to do something totally different, maybe even radical.

At the time being I’m homesick for London, not because I actually wanna be in London; I get claustrophobia within a month and depressed within two. No, it’s because I know London. I don’t have to fight for a visa, or fight to understand the system there. I may hate living there permanently, but I know how to get around. LA is still unchartered, if much more exciting, territory. Ever so often I might also want to hug my friends in London, which is somewhat difficult, unless I send one of those “for order” people to my friends and have them hug them. That would, however, be a shitty substitute.

In my everyday life I limit myself all the time, simply because I don’t think outside the box. I think I was on about this in an earlier post, but really, it’s important. At least to me. Because I want to experience the world, not drift through it only seeing certain things, constantly limiting my

perspective and my abilities. I want to get out of my own comfort zone so that I become liberated and achieve what I truly long to achieve. I want to be freed of preconceptions about myself, everyone else and the world at large. I want to be able to use models of thinking that serve me and knowledge that I’ve gained, but still keep the eyes of a newborn.

It’s all about the pink polka-dot underwear…or what was that again????

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