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The incredible dream…

As we get older, heck, even in our twenties, we often realize there are some things we do over and over again. Some of those things are great. We are always on time. We always manage to pay our bills. We always date kind guys. Other times, they aren’t so great. We’re never on time. We only just manage to pay the bills. We always date emotionally unavailable guys. We fuck up in the same way over and over again. It’s our dysfunctional pattern, whatever it may be.

Sometimes, it’s more subtle. We’ve lived in a similar manner for years. What was once exciting has now grown stagnant. It’s no longer putting a smile on our face; no longer fulfilling us.

And change…how do you create it? At times, it seems pretty damn impossible, doesn’t it? How are you going to create something you’ve never had?

There are two ways around this.

The first is structure. If you’ve always been bad at managing accounts, hire an accountant. If you’re bad at exercising, hire a personal trainer. Alternatively, read some books on the topic you want to get better at, then set up a plan. A structure. To stick to the new structure, get an accountability partner.

The second, is to dare to dream. If you’ve never brought in the millions it seems incredible to do so, doesn’t it? Yet your neighbor, has never earned less than 200k a year and, by now, sit on plenty of millions thanks to wise investments. How does your neighbor think? What’s normal to them? What’s a small amount of money to them? What’s a large amount of money to them? For them, not bringing in the millions is as unthinkable as it is for you to bring them in.

When something becomes possible, it suddenly becomes attainable. Not in a foggy dreamlike sort of way, but in a real, practical kind of way. It’s incredible what opportunities come along once you dare to dream up a new possibility. A new way of life. The life of your neighbor.

It’s time to imagine having some fun. Some real life fucking magic. Because it’s possible. Just as if by magic.

You can find my poetry on Insta: @TheMagiqueBoutique

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Take me for a swirl…

There are things in life that awaken us. Make our soul take a twirl on the dance floor. Make our heart smile. Those things–those glorious things–are sometimes forgotten. A career that was at first fun turns into an all-consuming death trap. Not that it kills us, but it kills the joy in our lives. We get busy. We brush our teeth and put our kids to bed. We get tired. And somewhere we forget to stop to breathe. Not to smell the flowers–most of us stop for long enough to do that from time to time–but to seek out those things that make our soul twinkle with the joy of life. And then, sometimes, we remember. We run into a person. We see something that reminds us of, well, ourselves. Of those particles of ourselves that make up the true fabric of who we are. We stop. And then we start to sway with the music. We remember. We remember what makes our soul dance. 

This is my poetry about the city that has always awakened me. More found on www.instagram.com/themagiqueboutique Can also be bought on Etsy.

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It wasn’t me, it was Shakespeare…

I was working on client copy today and in the process researching Shakespearean quotes. I love Shakespeare. I know, I know, not everyone does because he’s hard to understand…but once you do understand…the guy was deep, funny as fuck and smart as hell. Unfortunately, not all his characters act particularly logically (hello, my name is Viola, I was washed up on the shore after a shipwreck where my twin brother supposedly died…let’s go dress up as a boy and live with the Count…uhm, er…sure…), but his prose is simply stunning.

Anyway, the guy cracked sex jokes long before this blog. In fact, one day I’ll rewrite one of his plays into modern English and prove it. Prove my humor isn’t all that bad, after all. Shakespeare started it all…

So, today I found this quote: To thine own self be true.

Are we? Are we true to who we truly are? Are we acting in accordance with our hearts and souls?

Do yourself a favor, take five minutes to feel in. To meditate, or simply breathe, while thinking about who you truly are. Deep inside.

Are you acting as that person? If not, how could you act differently? Be true to yourself. Because the greatest crimes we commit are usually not those toward others, but toward ourselves. Simply by not acting in accordance with who we truly are and, therefore, not achieving what we’d truly love.

Are the choices you’re making on a day-to-day basis adding up to the life you want to live? Are the bigger choices you’ve made in the past true to who you are today? Or do you need to revisit them?

Change is scary. But it’s even scarier looking at your own life, and feeling as if it isn’t your life at all. As if you’re a stranger in your own life.

Yes, change is scary. But it can also the most exciting thing ever if it’s a change for the better.

To thine own self be true.


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Dancing with the wind…

The wind was blowing and all that was unhinged broke into a wild dance; emotions not quite dealt with, lost lovers not quite forgotten, desires not quite buried and anything else a little bit loose around the edges. 

It was on nights like this you had the perfect opportunity to sit still and listen to what was rattling around in your mind, because you’d find out any unfinished business that you had. Things you maybe rather wouldn’t face, but would be better off if you did. 

Storm winds can be difficult to deal with, that’s true. It’s also true that sometimes in the most quiet of moments we hear our own thoughts. But storm winds have a way of unsettling us; of shaking up the dirt and making us look at it. All those loose ends we thought we’d tied down, but didn’t. Not really. 

Sometimes the thoughts are, truly, rather pleasant. The lover we thought we forgot, but didn’t. The dream we buried, but never let go of. They were nice things and we’re once again reminded of how much we love them. Only by seeing them we know we have to take action; fulfill our own desires. Hence, why we buried them in the first place. 

The symphony of the wind played; making leaves dance, curtains sway, doors moan and windows whistle.

To her it was a peaceful sound. It meant that change was in the air; things moved. It meant not only that people’s unfinished business, hidden beneath their own debris, moved to the forefront of their minds and gave them an opportunity to face it, but that tales from far, far away landed on her doorstep. She could smell the scent of Moroccan mint and warm cinnamon. She could sense laughter, adventure and a tinge of possibility. She could see another life. A life far, far away. 

This is another piece for my story, The Jester. You can find other snippets; some much longer and eventful than this one: https://confessionsofadizzyblonde.wordpress.com/2019/08/06/the-jester/

My poetry. For more, please look at www.instagram.com/CarnavalDuDesir

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Brave heart…

this is my heart

It’s easy to be wise – it’s harder to convince your emotions just how wise you are. It takes years of practice not to run with every ridiculous impulse you have and yet years to learn to run with the true impulses, those that come from your spirit, your heart. It take year of practice to learn to listen to your thoughts; to really hear what’s going on within and be able to disregard the thoughts that count not and listen to the ones that do. To make a decision to act from the place you truly want to act from, rather than acting from a place of fear, of over the top excitement, of disappointment, or grief. It takes pratice to be true to you.

It takes bravery to follow your passions – to dare to lose that which you desire the most. To dare to give up what you do not desire at all and some things you really like, so as to reach what you truly love. We can’t have it all, but we can have this moment. It is within it we need to live and choose, choose every step of our journey now. It is in the now we practice to be whom we must to reach to where we want and at the same time be here, be now. Live. Breathe. Fully explore our hearts. Listen. Feel. Really be present to who we are; what we need. Fully enjoy the miracle of life in all its pain and pleasure.

And may I ask you this: if you had no fear, what would you do now? If you relaxed and instead of trying to do something, just did it, how would life feel? If you followed your heart, where would you end up? Those are the questions I ask myself and patiently await an answer…


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A little wisdom…

Me: Damn it!

Best Friend: What?

Me: Everything!

Best Friend: It will be alright.

Me: How?

Best Friend: We’re not dead yet!


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