So here are some samples of my fictional writing and poetry…more poetry can be found on Instagram.

The Jester

For those readers that know me well, you also know the story I’m about to tell. Not because it ever happened, but because it was always part of me. You know how I longed to find it, at the same time as it was in me. I guess what I was seeking was an understanding from someone…someone like me that wasn’t me. I have cursed this story many times, because I did not feel like I controlled it, but rather that it controlled me. Yet, it is the most beautiful story I ever came across, because the story is about me. This is all that I am.

It was a town that you could get lost in. Alley after alley swirled in a mesmerizing pattern on the hill. The river passing through was a landmark, but even that twirled. Twirled around the little town and twirled in and of itself as the water was playing… It was a town that could play, that was for sure. Carnivales would light the streets, bring out the townsfolk and bring in strangers. Carnivales are designed for that – for openness. For something extraordinary to happen. You can almost taste it in the air – change has arrived.

People liked this town. It was quaint. Old fashioned, yet open. At least during the Carnivale. It was one of those weird Carnivales that no one knew of through advertisement. It was only the people that came across other people that had been there that knew. And those people often felt propelled to go. Because something, something captured them when listening to the stories of those that had been. It was almost like magic. You could taste the smell of gunpowder, spice and soft vanilla in the air. It was a strangely alluring smell. It smelled of adventure, of danger, yet of comfort and warmth. It was a two sided coin and you were drawn in to see both sides.

The town was, of course, made up of cobble stone streets and medieval sand colored houses. Flower pots decorated entrances and balconies. The sound of life echoed through the streets during the day and lovers’ whispers sneaked around the corners at night – if you listened carefully enough you could hear them. The wind carried them around.

The wind liked caressing this town. Rarely was there ever a storm, yet everyone knew that when the Carnivale arrived there was a different wind. Not the one that caressed the houses, but rather a wind created by something inexplicable. A wind one could feel within, not without. Although you could almost taste it in the air. So strong was the sensation.

In Carnivale time there was also a sweet taste to the air, because every other woman was preparing treats. Chocolates made with secret ingredients, teas made from exotic spices, cakes that looked more inviting than a hot tub in spring, desserts so overpoweringly indulgent that people had been known to become mesmerized by them and candy so supremely sweet, yet so mild that it melted your tongue and your senses.

If you can imagine this town – so sweet, so quaint, yet for one week a year covered in forces so strange, so delicious and so powerful and tantalizing it was almost as if they ruled you rather than you ruled them. Still, you knew, on some level or other, that if you were there it was only because those forces were part of you. Just like the joker is part of the deck. For some, of course, these forces were stronger and they were used to living with them. For others it was only once a year, or once in a lifetime, that they truly let them rule them and that was during the Carnivale.

At dawn, of course, most people and forces were asleep. Instead freshness was in the air. The smell of flowers, water and country air overtook everything else. It was only ever so often that the wind would bring you a taste of the undertones, those that would get stronger as the day moved along.

During one such Carnivale, at one such dawn, sat a man atop a bridge, overlooking the town. The sun was painting the sky a dusky peach, mixed with blues, greens and yellows. It was the colors that made this man arise so early. The colors and the need to see things for what they were. Come night he would become part of the dance of the living and if he did not watch out, he would forget. Forget who he truly was. Forget to see life.

He liked living though, he just didn’t want to entirely fall into the dance because he knew that then it would never stop. He would never step aside to watch. He would just play his part like all the others. Be swept off his feet rather than walking his way. He would always know what people thought, but he would not think it. He would be too mesmerized by their colors, their faces, the sensation of their hands against his…he would dance, but he would no longer be the one choosing which dance, which tune to follow, he would instead be led by the music, the people, the steps…

No, the jester preferred this life, this life where he walked on his own road. The road of course belonged to everyone, but few others walked it. When he did meet someone on the same road they would instantly become friends even though they did not come from the same place. They became friends because they were going in the same direction. They were few though and he had gotten used to being on his own. He had a life. He knew where he was going, even though that was a matter of a constantly changing heart. He knew he just had to follow it and that made him secure. He was comfortable within his own skin.

He was an entertainer, that was his profession. He would tell people what they thought – read them like an open book. Of course he only saw that which was obvious, but they thought it was hidden and that he had cracked them open. Like any good entertainer he would also talk of the news of the day, only he would tell them for what they truly were, not what they were portrayed to be. There was a lot of humor in the truth. He would tell the audience that everything was a lie, but then that was the truth. He could juggle and do tricks with cards, he could play the flute and stand on the one hand. He was, to everyone else, a mystery, but to him he was quite open. He spoke the truth so everyone thought he was lying. He showed everyone a trick, but they could not see it, so they got tricked.

The woman was standing in her shop grinding spices in her mortar. She could have bought them ground, but they were more potent when fresh. The woman knew spices very well – she had studied the use of each one, but when she made potions she did not think. She let her subconscious decide – it had gotten all the information it needed through her studies and it was more trustworthy than her logical brain.

She was up early as her mind tended to be clearer and her instincts purer. That way her potions became even stronger. Besides, she liked seeing people in the morning – the few that managed to crawl out of bed. It was as if their minds, too, were clearer and it made it easier for her to determine what they had come there for. To treat themselves, of course, but what for? You’d think they’d come for celebration, but most came because they needed comfort. No sorrow felt as bad when indulging in something pleasurable and light, or sensual and musty, or simply tantalizing and warm. As the customers entered the shop she would serve them accordingly with wit and charms, but also with the right spices, cakes and drinks. As she saw it that was her job. That and the joy she got from playing with the ingredients, always creating something new. She also created potions for her own sake. Joyous little things that matched her mood. Sunshine food for the soul or tantra for the night time. Kiss me quick cupcakes. Turn me on chocolates. Take me out fudge. Make me laugh cookies. Soothe my soul tea. Bring it on truffles. Sleep well mints. Dream of love candy.

The wind suddenly swept by, swirling in underneath the crack in the door. A second later, whilst the wind was still playing outside, the woman heard a bell gently playing somewhere far away. She smiled. So he was coming. Whoever he was. The wind and the bells always let her know. It had started on a square in Avignon during their Festival. Since then it always happened.

The woman was used to reading signs, just as she was used to reading thoughts. To her it was simple, so long as her mind was clear. As soon as she wanted something the messages got mumbled up – the signs were still there, but she misread them.

The spices she had chosen today were warm – cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, chili… It suited the spirit of the Carnivale. It was made of such animal instincts. Of pleasure. Of the need for transformation. Liberty. Love. Laughter. Beauty. Truth. It was a bohemian revolution according to some, but mainly human if you knew nature. It was what every man dreamt of, but few dared to pursue. The total freedom of being without the need to be. It brought out your hidden desires. Those that were meant to be played with, not suppressed. People had left the Carnivale changed. People had left not knowing what had just happened. People had left pretending to be what they used to pretend to be. It depended on how strong the forces within them were to be free. Some felt more comfortable returning to their old shell.

The scent of the spices twirled up into her face as the door was opened. She didn’t have to look up to know that it was a man, but she was surprised at the lightness of his step. It was not an intrusive one she thought. He was humble, yet with force. He was strong but he cared to be light. Light on those whose path he crossed. She was sure he made an impression, but he didn’t change them by crushing their defenses. He changed them by softly showing them what was there.

“Bonjour monsieur, que c’est que vous voulez?” she asked and looked up as yet another waft of the spices entered her nostrils. So these were his spices she thought. Deep, yet with a playfulness and warmth. Warm, yet with a zest.

“I don’t know,” he replied, his eyes following her body. “I would like breakfast, but why don’t you tell me what’s the best in this café to eat?” She nodded. “Please, have a seat.”

He sat down and opened his bag – a worn out, yet sturdy backpack made of leather. It looked handmade. He picked out a wooden flute. “Would you mind if I play?” he asked. “I will keep it quiet so that the neighbors won’t complain.” “Not at all,” she said. “In fact I’d be curious to hear that which only you can play.” He looked up at her in some surprise. So she knew that each song was different to each man. He had already studied her. He knew that she could read people, yet she seemed somewhat confused by his presence. He too felt that there was something about her that he couldn’t explain, yet knew that he somewhere knew. It was something…

He played and she became mesmerized. In the song she could hear his journeys. She could see the grass fields and the towns. She could taste the food and drink the water. He played with feeling so everything was there in sight.

She placed a plate in front of him and a large cup of hot chocolate, gently spiced with cardamom. “You think I need to be soothed, do you?” he asked, somewhat surprised. “You think you are strong, and you are, but you have walked far. You have given your energy to the hearts of strangers, helping them. You have recovered in the fields and in the valleys, but not many send their energy to you. There was a woman in a town once, but she is but a memory to you now. It brings a smile to your face, but it no longer brings you warmth. It is rare that you find someone you like. Sometimes you encounter fellow travelers, and you share a laugh. You get giddy and happy through talking to someone who knows, but it is not love, it is only sharing. You understand each other. You do not love one another. Yes, the chocolate will soothe you and the food heal you.”

She walked back into the kitchen, knowing that she had said much more to him than she had to any customer in her whole life. To others she had to talk in fairytales. She had to tell stories to make them understand. If she spoke her mind they would be frightened, but he was like her. He read them too.

The jester bit into the muffin, which indeed made him feel an instant warmth, a comfort, throughout his body. Now he knew what he had seen in her before that he had not been able to understand. They did the same job. She through patisseries, he through cards. They played tricks on people. They entertained people, through their taste buds or their minds. Both, of course, leading to the heart. They saw people for who they were and then showed it to them in ways they understood. They opened them, healed them and let them move towards where they needed to go. The people never knew. At least very few. Often they just felt entertained and lighthearted, excited and thrilled, turned on or high, comforted or blessed with joy. They didn’t realize that someone had just gone in and rearranged the pieces of their puzzle. It was a lonely job, yet a very sociable job. It was a heartwarming job, but it did drink some of your energy, like the woman said, because all your energy went to them. You then had to sit and recover in nature – gain energy from somewhere else. He did not question his path, he just sometimes wished that someone would understand it. Not just understand it, but travel along the same path as him, stretching out her warmth to him. Because of course, the warmth of a woman was different from the warmth of a man – both needed but in different ways.

As she came back out to continue grinding her spices for the cake she was baking he asked her: “So you are the magical witch of this town?” She laughed. “Some like to think that. There is nothing as exciting as spells, but there is nothing magical about my food. I make people believe in a message. And I add the spice to enforce it and the intention to go with it. People would understand if you explained, but they prefer life’s little mysteries to remain intact. They’d rather think they were saved by a spell than by nature itself. Such is life.” “They’d rather be fed health than told to get healthy, you mean?” “Something like that.”

The woman’s body swayed as she was grinding the spices. It was as if she was dancing when she moved. She played with nature. He played with minds.

“Can I hold my show here tonight?” he asked. She nodded.

That night the Carnivale atmosphere once again swept across the little town. The air got musky and hot. Desires were lived out, laughters shared. Performances brought joy, fire eaters brought light. Sweets brought freshness and dancers brought lust. The spices became intense, the people open up and played.

As dusk fell the jester performed his tricks. People were baffled. He would tell them little things. Things they didn’t quite understand. He would also gently whisper the desires of their heart. The woman fed them desserts and cakes that suited their mood – gave them what they needed to get; took them from where they were to where they needed to be. There were many laughters, a lot of confusion and finally dancing until dawn. People forgot to think beyond that night. They were swept away by the moment. By the passion. By pure joy.

As dawn came the jester and the woman sat on the bridge. “These are the colors of the jester,” she said, as she pointed to the sky. “I know.” “You play with the colors like you play with the people. You jest, but in your jest lies the truth.” He laughed. “And you bake, but in your baking lies the truth.” She smiled. “It’s an easy disguise.” He countered: “And so is the jest, the magic, the entertainment.”

From that moment, or even before that, they knew that their lives were intertwined, as was the spice with the batter and the cards with the deck.

Sometimes an Ocean meets a Wind. The Wind stirs the Ocean to move and the Ocean sprinkles its mist on the Wind. They fly together, but they will always be apart. Sometimes a Fire encounters a Wind. The Fire burns brighter and the Wind gets warm. They gather strength from each other, but they know they will forever be apart. Sometimes the Earth has a rendezvous with the Wind. The Wind brushes the Earth and makes it come alive and the Earth throws itself into the wind in a game. They twirl together, but they know they will part. Then, once in a while as destiny says, a Wind comes upon another Wind. They match each others’ strengths. They intertwine with one another to see if they can play. They swirl and twirl in patterns to see if there is a rhythm they both like. Maybe sometimes they fly rather quickly, maybe sometimes rather slow. If two such Winds meet and they find a rhythm and enjoy to play, if they are both flying in the same direction, even though only their hearts can tell where to next, then they have found their true partner in life. Because as we know, they know each other inside out. They were born the same, only life moved them apart. They know different notes, but they belong to the same symphony. And together they play.


Maybe one day I will continue the story and really tell the tales of the Carnivale and of the journeys to come, but for now I feel happy to say that “journeys end in lovers meeting” as Shakespeare would have said also…but then again a new journey begins…

(I did continue it. The day someone ran into my room waving their hands about saying I had to write the novel to accompany my brand as my business, Magique, is built around this story. So I did. You find another chapter here.)


…or the script you do your elevator pitch on to hot dudes in, well, elevators…


Man sits on the edge of a bed; tie undone, shirt buttoned up
a few buttons. Woman is lying down with legs dangling at the
bottom of the bed; her shoes are thrown on the floor. She is
wearing a dress.

So how was it for you?

Pretty good. I mean I don’t feel
like I went all the way, but pretty
good. You, how was it for you?

Alright. I’m scared I wasn’t hard
enough though.

No, you were hard enough alright.


Yeah, really.

Ha, cool.

Do you think I was feminine enough?

Yeah, I think so. I mean, maybe you
could have you know, been a bit
more sensuous.

Uhhmm. I think stockings or high heels
would have helped.

It was good though.


One of the most difficult parts
I’ve ever had.

Mmm, me too. It’s not every day you
get to act Marilyn Monroe and John
F Kennedy.



INT. Living room at night after dinner, candle lights,
roses. Man and woman sitting together on a couch.

Let’s do it.

They Kiss.

I’m not sure.

Oh come on.

You don’t understand.

What’s there to understand?

A lot. This is a big thing for me.

For me too, but we have been
planning this for a year now.

I’m not sure that my mom would, you
know, like that I do this.

This isn’t about your mom, this is
about you. We live together, we
cook together, we do our laundry
together…. This is the next step.

I know, but everything my mom has
taught me; right now I’m not sure.

Come on Rachel, your mom’s words
aren’t law.

No, but…

This is love, not just…whatever
your mom thinks.

I know. You are right – let’s do

Great, I’ll call the real estate
guy tomorrow and tell him we’re
buying it.



INT. A couple sitting in bed at night.

You came too early.

I know – I was nervous.

So was I.

Well you certainly didn’t look it.

I was covering up.



You got it all over me.

I said – I was nervous.

Now I have to take my dress to the
dry cleaners.

I’m sorry.

So am I.

Next time maybe we should
co-ordinate and go together. Like a
normal couple.

I think so too, but you have to
promise we won’t be early – my boss
hates when people arrive early to
dinner receptions.



Pitch darkness. Sound of voices in background.


I love you.


I love you too.

Sound of kiss


No, let’s keep them on.


But I like you with them off.


I know.


We don’t have that much time.


No, so let’s keep them on.


You seriously look better with them off.


In your opinion.


And I’m the director.


But not the costume designer.


Whatever. Romeo is getting to his last lines, you better get on stage.


Good Morning Lover

He blew by on the wind
Chili mingled with salt
Spices calmed by yoghurt
Mildness and sweetness
Yet that undertone of hot sauce and fruity notes
Playful adventure; hot desire
You meet, you greet, you feel
You learn to taste them
See them for who they truly are
Discover their scent, layer by layer, until only the base notes remain
Yet they wouldn’t be the base without the heart and the top notes
You fumble
Through the dust and the sweat; passion tangled in starched sheets
Midnight reveries
You search, yet you already know
You stand there half-drunk on possibility
Possibly scared of heartbreak
Like two souls semi-conscious at the dawn of eternity
As the sun cuts through the clouds

The meeting of souls; the movie in my mind…

Wine and typewriters
Alleyways and camera angles
Cobblestone streets and soft golden light
Creative delirium
Caffeine inspired artistic outburst
Dark eyelashes and angular jaws
A step in the alley that becomes a heartbeat
Stolen glances
Meaningful looks
The camera captures what the heart sees
A movie can be shot in the moment of a meeting
Those ten seconds of soul exploration
And physical attraction
Just that
When you imagine
The journey of a soul
The potential collaboration of artists
And your heart pounds a little bit faster
– Maria Montgomery

Confessions of a Dizzy Blonde

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/507780926714280257/S


An L.A. Man

You make me coffee

I’ll make your dreams

High on caffeine we’ll swirl through the ether

As one does

When one has New Age friends

Who are vegan and care for Mother Earth

As our roots dig deeper

We fly higher

Till we reach the sky

Our spirits soar

Mixing with the matter

Of our ancient souls


And you pray that it will last

And I pray that I won’t fall

Then we’ll wear our suits

Attend the parties

With our New Age friends

Who are dressed for the paparazzi

Eating vegan food

And you’ll tell me that one day we flew

But that day is gone

It’s been mixed with the matter

That is now our soul

Which we sold

To a devil named Oscar

Vanilla Sunbeams

Vanilla ice cream


Fingertips touching

And you melt

Salt crushing between fingers

As I touch your hair


Photo by Maria Montgomery 

7 responses to “Writing

  1. megawfa79

    I loved your dialogues. Sort of a merging of Nora Ephron and Woody Allen; some Jewish angst and lots of absurdity. You write very well. I hope to aspire to that level. I’ll return to see if the Dizzy Blonde can stay upright..of course, all of us have that challenge at one time or another. It’s like being a Weeble.


  2. =) Thank you so much – totally made my day hearing that!!! I’ll do my best to stay upright…but I wouldn’t be me if I sometimes did not get…just a tad dizzy =)


  3. divine…….girl and ocean=zero mirrors zero

    An enlightened master is one aware of this dimension of eternal happiness while living .
    Children are real enlightened masters ignorant about this fact while playing.
    Ignorance of this is blissfulness…..be that way……………….


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  6. invitation
    While the world sleeps
    We would illuminate the ouroboros of dreams
    Rampage through Wonderland, Neverland,
    stampedes of roaring dragons,
    princesses plucked from flowery fields,
    angels dancing, dizzy as daemons, dervish
    drunk on coloured rain
    atop bright
    copper pins.
    Surreal circuitry of pineal circus
    Cast in glorious clowns sparkling
    like sequined candy
    Proud bears cycle in mid-air,
    Amazing feats of flying day-glo trapeze chimpanzees
    Wafting popcorn, white sugar scents of delight,
    Pansies pop out of top hats, expand
    into darkest space
    We could create
    twinkling, luminous
    sacred place
    an anchor for unearthly adventure
    a tableau of marvel in grace
    if you would

    Seers and Seekers: A forum to discuss and explore topics of the occult, speculative art, and philosophy broadly defined.


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